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Who Was Stella Lily? How Did She Die?

Stella Lily
Stella Lily; image credit- Belfast Telegraph

The funeral services for a young child who passed away from an infection related to invasive strep The event will happen on Wednesday, December 14.

Stella Lily Personal Life

Robert McCorkindale was the father of Stella Lily McCorkindale. Her mother’s name is Collette. Stella-Lily McCorkindale, age 5, was transported to A&E twice over two days before she was put into intensive care on the 3rd occasion. The P2 student from Black Mountain Primary School passed away on Monday at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children nine days after she initially fell ill. On Monday and Tuesday of last week, her father had taken her to the same hospital, but she was both times sent home after being identified as having a straightforward viral infection.

Stella Lily Cause Of Death

Stella Lily was transported to intensive care following a quick assessment that included a chest X-ray. It was decided to turn off life support after five days in the intensive care unit, during which the patient spent the majority of the time in an induced coma and later suffered serious brain damage. After more than a week of trauma and exhaustion, Mr. McCorkindale is preparing to bury his “princess”. Her grandmother’s house on Bromley Street in the Shankill neighborhood will host the funeral service, which will be followed by a memorial service at Roselawn Crematorium. In memorials, friends and family recalled how attached the father and his daughter were and how they were frequently spotted traveling together.

Stella Lily; image credit – Sky News

Last Saturday was when the two were together that the young girl first began to complain of being sick. She was coughing all night, had a fever, and had a sore stomach. On Sunday, paracetamol failed to lower the temperature, and the next day she felt significantly worse. Her stomach was in and out, and she was having difficulty breathing. He called the physician, who suggested coming to A&E. As he carried Stella Lily to the hospital on Monday night, she was groggy. After being examined, he was told to take paracetamol at home to ease the pain.

But the next day showed no signs of progress. Her lips also lacked moisture. Stella Lily was taken back to the emergency room due to her worried worry about the separated yet in constant contact parents. After examination, parents were once more informed that the infant had a viral illness. On Tuesday, a dehydration medication seemed to partially revive her, and she was then released home. She had suffered a substantial brain injury, according to a CT scan. Stella Lily was kept on life support for several days before the family decided to turn it off on Monday.


1. Who is the father of Stella Lily?

Ans. Robert McCorkindale

2. Who is the mother of Stella Lily?

Ans. Collette

3. What is the age of Stella Lily?

Ans. 5 years

4. Stella Lily was studying in which school?

Ans. Black Mountain Primary School

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