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Who was Stuart F Wilson? Stuart F Wilson Obituary, Cause of Death, News

Who was Stuart F Wilson? Stuart F Wilson Obituary, Cause of Death, News
Who was Stuart F Wilson? Stuart F Wilson Obituary, Cause of Death, News

Bruce Willis’ action double has claimed that the superstar has altered in the months leading up to his diagnosis of a language and communication disorder. After Bruce Willis’ declaration that he will be quitting acting, his stunt extra Stuart F Wilson has spoken out regarding the artist’s illness. The popular actor’s family said that he has been identified with aphasia, a neurological ailment that creates speech difficulties. Stuart F Wilson, his stunt double, has reacted to the news. Stuart was a 17-year collaborator with the artist, and his admirers are eager to learn further about him. After being diagnosed with aphasia, the 67-year-old star is taking retirement from performing, according to his daughter, since his illness is “adversely affecting his cognitive capacity.”

Bruce Willis is taking retirement from acting as confirmed by his stunt double, Stuart F Wilson

Stuart F Wilson is an entertainer, stunt choreographer, and producer who has worked on films such as Indiana Jones and Looper. He has almost three decades of martial arts expertise and was the A.A.U. Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Title holder in 1986. Stuart also collaborated with Bruce Willis on a number of notable productions, including The Expendables 2, Die Hard 4.0, Red, The Cold Light of Day, and Fire with Fire.  Stuart Wilson also worked as an assistant trainer with Advanced Combat Technologies and taught Navy Seals. Stuart Wilson has maintained his independent production agency, Fall Guy Productions, since 2013, and claimed that after Willis’ statement, he will concentrate on it. 

What happened to Bruce Willis?

Stuart Wilson said in an article that both he and several staff members noted “transformation” in Bruce but assumed he merely had a “thousand different stuff” like an A-list star. Stuart said in an interview, “We had seen some changes, but a lot of times with bigger celebrities that are really, really popular like, like Bruce, they have a million different things going on. Sometimes when you were talking to him, he just seemed sidetracked and we would think it would mean nothing but you would wonder if there are other things going on. The stunt coordinator said that he and Willis last worked in December, adding that many crew members thought the actor would take a break. The bulk of the team had a feeling that he’d take a break. He was doing some medical testing and stuff like that. So we just figured, okay maybe he’ll take a break. Realistically though we were as prepared we can be to have your job go away.”

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