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Who was Vicky Phelan? Cause of death of a cervical cancer activist Explained

Vicky Phelan Die

On November 14, 2022, 48-year-old Irish cervical cancer activist Vicky Phelan, who uncovered one of the worst medical scandals in recent memory, passed away. Let’s look at Vicky Phelan’s cause of death and how the cervical cancer activist passed away. On November 14, 2022, 48-year-old Irish cervical cancer activist Vicky Phelan, who uncovered one of the worst medical scandals in recent memory, passed away. Let’s look at Vicky Phelan’s cause of death and how the cervical cancer activist passed away.

Who was Vicky Phelan?

Her parents are Amelia and Darragh, and she was born in the Irish town of Mooncoin. She was the eldest of her five siblings and was reared with them all. Phelan insisted on starting school one year earlier. The University of Limerick awarded her a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies in 1997.

She was employed at UL, where she rose to a researcher position in the Center for Applied Language Studies. She joined UL’s International Education Division in 2001.

She began working at the Literacy Development Center at the Waterford Institute of Technology in 2006. In 2011, she also earned a master’s degree in educational management. She became the Head of the Literacy Development Center due to her abilities and leadership.

Vicky was a distinguished attorney both in Ireland and around the world. She rose to prominence in the public eye during the investigation into the mishandling of cervical cancer screening data, which later turned out to be one of our generation’s most significant political and medical scandals. She was one of the 100 women who made up the BBC in 2018.

How did Vicky Phelan die?

At Limerick’s Milford Hospice, Vicky Phelan died away this morning. Following the mother-of-two from Limerick’s High Court action questioning the management of her cervical smears, which ultimately prompted several evaluations of Ireland’s Cervical Check cervical cancer screening programme, the case made national news. Vicky Phelan passed away from cancer.

“Today’s contest has no winners. My cancer has no cure, and I am terminally ill,” she stated.

She passed away at Milford Hospice this morning, leaving her husband, Jim, and their children, Amelia, 16, and Darragh, 11, behind.

Vicky Phelan’s Cancer campaign:

Ms Phelan, a native of Mooncoin, County Kilkenny, underwent her initial smear examination for cervical cancer in 2011. Vicky’s initial test results were expected, but in 2014, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and Cervical Check later discovered that her initial result was inaccurate.

She settled a High Court case with Clinical Pathology Labs US for €2.5 million in April 2018 without pleading guilty. She got a smear test in 2011, which came back negative, before getting her diagnosis three years later. According to an internal CervicalCheck audit, the smear test result was inaccurate. She routinely visited the US to undergo therapy.

Campaigner Vicky Phelan admitted that her disease had advanced, but she pledged to continue advocating for those who the Cervical Check scandal had wronged. Two years prior, she had regrettably developed a new lung malignancy while extolling a ground-breaking drug she ardently supported.

Vicky Phelan- CervicalCheck cancer scandal:

On April 26, 2018, the HSE reported that 206 women who received a CervicalCheck smear test incorrectly diagnosed had developed cervical cancer. One hundred sixty-two of them were unaware that the initial findings were incorrect.

On April 28, Dr Grainne Flannelly, the clinical director of CervicalCheck, announced her resignation. It was made public a week prior that Dr Flannelly had advised a gynaecologist to file the test results in 2017 as opposed to informing the women of the reevaluated results.

In May 2018, as demands for the director-general of the HSE, Tony O’Brien, to resign increased in response to the ongoing issue, he took a brief leave of absence from the board of a US medical company.

Tony O’Brien announced his departure as director-general of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) with effect from closing. One of the reasons for the publication of the dispute was Vicky Phelan, a terminally ill mother of two whose legal battle with the government acted as one of the catalysts. Vicky Phelan was selected as one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2018.

For her efforts on the Cervical Check project, Phelan received the Freedom of Limerick in February 2022. BreastCheck and BowelScreen are being investigated more closely due to this controversy.

According to Taoiseach Michael Martin, Ms Phelan received tributes from Irish parliamentarians and friends who called her “a woman of great courage and integrity.” Ms Phelan and Stephen Teap, whose late wife received a false negative reading, have arrived at Leinster House in Dublin to speak before the Public Accounts committees. 

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