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Who was Zaid Kakish? Know about the student that died in the car accident

Who was Zaid Kakish
Who was Zaid Kakish

A private university in Florida, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University has faced a huge loss recently as its one of the talented students dies in a car accident. Zaid Kakish is the name of the student who became a victim of a fatal road accident which cost him his precious life. He was 24 years old student, and the university has lost one of its bright students which is making the news headlines now.

Road accidents have become very common these days and many youngsters, as well as known personalities, have lost their lives because of it. 

Here’s all you need to know about Zaid Kakish.

Zaid Kakish was a resident of Jordan and was in his twenties. He was a student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (private university) based in Florida, where he perused aircraft engineering. According to the reports gathered he was in the fourth year of his course and was about to complete his degree to become an engineer. According to the teachers, Zaid Kakish was one of the most bright and talented students at the university. He was loved by all due to his caring and kind nature especially by the teachers. When asked about him by his friends they even admitted he had a very good companionship for the community of Florida. 

The accident took place on Saturday, 19th March, and the news started spreading since then. The accident took place in the streets of the US while he was driving his car and he died in the process The victim was not identified and taken to the hospital but later it was revealed that he was a 24 year old student Zaid who had lost his precious life. Being a student there is very less information about the latter. The death images and videos of the accident are yet to be disclosed and everyone is paying condolence to him as well as his family as digging more into the matter for information would only hurt the sentiments of his close ones.

People expressed condolences to him and his family. However, there is no official statement released by the university regarding the death of the student. The news is very disheartening, and we pray that his family gathers the strength to overcome the huge loss that occurred to them.

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