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Who were Irene’s papas? what was the cause of her death

Irene's papas

Who were Irene’s papas? what was the cause of her death?

The actress of Zorba and greek tragedies has passed away at the age of 96. Irene was known for her immensely serious roles in which she played sultry roles. Her  popular movie work was  “The Guns of Navarone,” “Z” and “Zorba the Greek.”

Who was Irene Papas?

 The actress died at 96 but her serious work has left a great impression in the cinema world. She was so immensely popular that her death was confirmed by the greek ministry of culture. Ms. Irene was born in Chiliomodi, Greece. Her date of birth was  3, 1926. She was raised in Athens and there was a culture of drama school at age 12. She had played the role of Electra and lady mcbacth that helped her shape as an actor. her career was based on serious roles but her first role was a party lover urban girl in a musical. She also had musical talent. Due to her roots connected with folk she made two different albums with folk and hymn music. “Odes” (1979) and “Rhapsodies” (1986) were her two popular albums. Her vocals were not appreciated by some and her voice was called slutty.

The breathtaking bravery of Irene papas:

When the military took over of Greece she said the fascists are back and she could have lost her citizenship and her life. She also asked the world to boycott Greece. Could you believe in an era of technology where people are worshipping their leader Irene  called leaders of her country “no more than a band of blackmailers?”  

How did Irene papas die?

She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the past 5 years. She was 96 years of age when she died.  She died at her home a natural death.

Marriage life and divorce of Irene papas:

While working as an actress on one of the working sets she met Alkis Papas, an actor, and a director. She was with him for 4 years and later she divorced him. After 10 years of her divorce she got married to Jose Kohn a producer but she divorced him too later she never got married again and she lived a lonely life 

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