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Who Were Steve And Wendy Hawkins? How Did They Both Died? 

Wendy Hawkins
Image credit- the independent

On the same day, Steve and Wendy Hawkins, a couple battling cancer, went away. Let’s look at the cancer couple Steve and Wendy Hawkins and their specific circumstances.

How Did The Couple Died?

A South Dakota EMS worker and his wife, who were both battling cancer, perished on the same day, according to Yankton County EMS.

Following a five-year fight with cancer, the group said on Facebook that 58-year-old EMS Administrator Steve Hawkins passed away on Friday. His 52-year-old wife Wendy also went away from cancer that day after a brief battle.

We regret to inform you that Steve Hawkins, the Yankton County EMS Administrator, passed away on Friday, December 23, 2022, after a nearly five-year battle with cancer. He was 58.

In June 2009, Steve joined our team as our administrator. Steve worked as a paramedic in Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park before to moving to Yankton. In San Diego, California, he started his paramedic profession.

Wendy Hawkins, Steve’s wife, also passed away on the same day, Friday, December 23, 2022, at the age of 52, following a brief battle with cancer. This was a sad development. Brad, Mandi, and Trent, their three children, are now in their 20s. Wendy was a devoted wife and mother who raised them all at home. Trent and Brad are still together.

Who Are Steve and Wendy Hawkins?

Wendy Hawkins

Image credit- sky News

Wendy and Steve were both admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago, according to KELO. Both passed away at the medical facility. “It’s just a shock to the system,” according to Troy Cowman, the EMS’s deputy administrator. “EMS) is working through it with everyone here.”

“Steve was the kind of leader that operated the business the way it should be run,” he said. The couple abandons three elder kids behind.

The division reports that Steve started working as an administrator in 2009. He has been a paramedic in the past. Although no specific date has been set, the county said a memorial event will occur closer to the spring. Expenses are covered through a GoFundMe.

Steve Hawkins was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago, while Wendy Hawkins was admitted more recently, according to Troy Cowman, the EMS deputy administrator. According to Cowman, both people passed away at the hospital in the Yankton region.


1. Who were Steve and Wendy Hawkins?

A. A couple who were diagnosed with cancer and died on the same day.

2. What was their Nationality?


3. How old were Steve and Wendy Hawkins?

A. 58 and 52 years old

4. How Steve and Wendy Hawkins died?

A. Both the couple died due to cancer

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