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William Kachigamba Dies: A Musician Died At The Age Of 29

William Kachigamba
Image credit- fox news

William Kachigamba, an albino musician from Lilongwe, passed away this morning at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Check out his situation and William Kachigamba’s cause of death in more detail.

What Happened To William Kachigamba?

William Kachigamba, a young musician with albinism, is no longer alive. Early this morning, Kachigamba passed away in Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Central Hospital.

His former Zion Rock Band co-star Marcus Magaso and his sister Patricia confirmed the news. During Kachigamba’s cancer treatment in Zambia in 2020, fellow musician Patience Namadingo contributed money for him.

Patricia claims that despite this, he did not get better before passing away in Kamuzu Central Hospital. Born on March 3, 1993, Kachigamba was from Mvera in Dowa.

Only three days have passed since the country also lost the renowned artist Walycris Wanyengo, who passed away on Friday as a result of a bus accident.

William Kachigamba Dies Cause Of Death

William Kachigamba, age 29, died at Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) following a battle with cancer. His sister Patricia verified in an interview with the neighbourhood media. The Association of People with Albinism has also announced the musician’s passing (APAM).

William Kachigamba

Image credit- fox News

According to the organisation, over 50 persons with albinism have already perished away since 2020 as a result of costly surgeries and the absence of a thorough programme for preventing skin cancer.

Kachigamba, Travels From Malawi, To Zambia

WILLIAM Kachigamba, a musician from Malawi, is undergoing cancer treatment at the Cancer Diseases Hospital of the University Teaching Hospitals in Zambia (UTH). William was urged to fly to Zambia for specialised cancer treatment by doctors in Malawi.

To obtain treatment in Zambia, William needed to raise three million Malawian Kwacha, but he was unable to do so. In order to raise the money, his fellow artist and Mapulani hit producer Patience Namadingo launched a fundraising effort.

Namadingo posed as a statue at a Blantyre traffic light to generate money. He succeeded in raising around a million Malawian Kwacha on that particular day.


1. Who was William kachigamba?

A. He was a Musician

2. Where did he from?

A. Mvera, Dowa

3. How old was William kachigamba?

A. 29 years old

4. How did William kachigamba died?

A. Due to cancer

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