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William Shatner says he “Doesn’t have long to live”

William Shatner
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The Canadian Actor best known for his role as James T. Kirk in Star Trek reveals in an interview with Variety that he doesn’t have much time in hand and is nearing death. William Shatney won Emmy Awards for the legal show The Practice and The Boston Legal. In 2021 Shatney became the oldest man alive to have traveled to space at the age of 90 creating a history.

William Shatner talks about his Mortality

William Shatner

Source:- Getty Images

The 91-year-old Star-Trek Captain William Shatner opens up about his mortality in an interview with Variety as he is all set to release his documentary named “You Can Call Me Bill”. In the interview, he revealed that he was so determined for this documentary that he had to turn down a lot of opportunities and prospects as an actor. And now that he thinks of it he doesn’t have much time in hand to live long.

He became emotional while talking about embracing death and indicated that this documentary will become a medium to reach out to his grandchildren and his fans all over the world. William Shatner has limited time in hand. Sources also reveal that Shatner’s Space Travel in the year 2021 had a great impact on his health. He went to space in a Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule spaceship which was an overwhelming experience for William Shatner.

“You Can Call Me Bill”- An Insider into William Shatner’s Life

William Shatner

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The documentary which William Shatner is preparing to launch within less to no time gives an insider peek into the life of William Shatner. The documentary is articulated in such a manner that would create a great impact in the minds of the youngsters seeing the future as a successful actor or actress. It has described Shatner’s personal journey over nine decades including his successful ventures and the failures that have strengthened him.

In the interview with Variety, William Shatner opened up about how he is getting to explore himself and new avenues while filming this documentary. He also gave an assertive yet emotional statement that over time, a person grows wiser and more intellectual but has to die with all that knowledge and experience.

When asked about any life decisions that Shatner regrets; he replied that he regrets none of his decisions and there is no such legacy. When he said he doesn’t regret any decisions it also includes the decision of not attending the funeral of his Star Trek co-actor Leonard Nimoy. He emphasized more on good deeds as people no longer remember persons who are dead, it is their good deeds that are ingrained in the minds of people.

William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy

Source:- CBS via Getty Images

William Shatner further explained why he decided not to attend the funeral of Leonard Nimoy and what formed the inspiration for preparing the documentary. Shatner denies that there is no legacy instead people forget dead people, and the only thing that is remembered is their good deeds. William Shatner received a lot of hate and backlash for skipping the funeral of his Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy better known for his role as Mr. Spock.

Star Trek Actor invited by Jeff Bezos for Space Travel

William Shatner, Jeff Bezos

Source:- Blue Origin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

William Shatner shared his overwhelming experience with Space Travel. He conveyed his life stories and linked life’s uncertainty with the earth’s extinction. William Shatner flew to space abroad in Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule space shuttle on October 13, 2011. On returning, Shatner was emotional and sobbing, he was astounded by earth’s incomparable beauty and was scared by the nearing destruction followed by the extinction of life on earth.

William Shatner also known as Bill Shatner is a Canadian Actor best known for his role as James T. Kirk in Star Trek and Emmy Award winner for the legal shows Boston Legal which was the spin-off of the show The Practice.

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