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Wonwoo’s mother died and was a member of SEVENTEEN.

Wonwoo's mother died and was a member of SEVENTEEN.
Wonwoo's mother died and was a member of SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s mother has died, according to an official announcement from Pledis Entertainment. Wonwoo’s mother died on Wednesday, April 6, leaving SEVENTEEN and CARATs in mourning. Pledis Entertainment’s official Twitter account acknowledged the news, sharing an emotional obituary with its followers. Wonwoo’s mother, according to the agency, was afflicted with an unspecified ailment. However, it is uncertain whether the matriarch had been afflicted for a long period. According to PLEDIS, Wonwoo is currently planning a celebration for family and close friends at the funeral home. “We respectfully request your consideration and support so that Wonwoo can grieve with his family.” PLEDIS added, “May she rest in peace.” Wonwoo was a member of the South Korean band SEVENTEEN, consisting of 13 members. He has been with SEVENTEEN since their debut in 2015 as a rapper in the band’s hip-hop sub-unit.

Respite to recover:

“Wonwoo’s mother is also Sebong’s mother,” one person stated. Imagine how terrible it is for all of them, especially won woo, to participate in future events to make us happy when they are all grieving on the inside. God, please grant them a long respite to recover from this.” “Let us all respect wonwoo’s privacy and refrain from contacting him for updates. May her mother’s soul rest in peace,” Some of them also remembered Joshua once saying how grateful he is to Wonwoo’s family for taking care of him while his family was still in the United States. 

“I’m heartbroken for him; she raised a fantastic man and excellent human being,” an admirer remembered. Wonwoo’s late mother notably visited the boy band Cartland, and the K-pop idol made the audience laugh when he exclaimed, “emmoni annyeong haseyo (hello mother).” In February, he tested positive for the dangerous virus after suffering from a sore throat and a minor fever. Following the positive result of his self-test kit, he allegedly underwent a PCR test. Following his diagnosis, Wonwoo allegedly began self-treatment at home. Hoshi, Seungcheol, Dokyeom, Seungkwan, and Minghao were also infected.

PCR test ahead of time to assure the safety of others:

On Wednesday, September 9, HOSHI contacted WONWOO and took both a self-test kit and a fast antigen test, both of which came back negative. He also performed a PCR test ahead of time to assure the safety of others and is currently awaiting the results.

“Because it was artist break, all SEVENTEEN members, with the exception of HOSHI, had no contact with WONWOO and lived at their parents’ house.” All of the other SEVENTEEN members had preventive self-examinations, and the results were all negative, with no one exhibiting any symptoms. “We will continue to help WONWOO’s quick recovery while prioritising the health and safety of our artists.” “We will continue to fully cooperate with the health authorities’ requests and guidance,” PLEDIS Entertainment concluded.

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