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Woody Paige: Is He sick? Health Update On The Sports Writer. 

Woody Paige

Woody Paige: Is He sick? Health Update On The Sports Writer. 

Paige is recognized for being a part of the Around the Horn panel on ESPN’s sports discussion show. Wood page who is also famous with the name Woodrow Wilson Paige Jr. Around the Horn is a roundtable commentating program in the style of a panel game about sports, with 18 seasons and more than 2,500 episodes aired to its name which is a massive success and achievement. Before joining the Gazette and ESPN, he worked 35 years of columns for the Denver Post. A midday television “morning show” with a fantasy sports theme that was mostly marketed to female viewers was called Cold Pizza which Paige joined after leaving his Washington post job for a year.

Woody Paige is he sick and diagnosed with cancer?

There have been rumors of Woody getting sick on social media and a lot of conspiracy theory videos are produced. our team had looked into the matter and it seems it’s mischief by some social media rumor longer. woody is completely healthy and needs no health assistance as of now. A lot of people have assumed his age but it seems he is 75 years old and he is not facing age-related health issues. Even at the age of 76, he is consistent on his job and he shows up every time on the shoot, Even at this age his mental health is really great. Paige is an important member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and is on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee. attending the University of Tennessee, Woody associated with Lambda Chi Alpha in 1964.

Wood page career and early work since his early days:

In 2016, Paige quit the Denver Post. The next year, he started writing a sports column for The Gazette. Currently, Woody Paige seems to be in optimal health conditions, and no announcement of his sickness is made to the public. There are rumors that he has been diagnosed with cancer but He seems to be very healthy as of now. If the news is true in some time there will be a chemotherapy session will begin and he will lose weight and hair. so if there is any truth to the rumors we will know

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