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WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Butch dies Aged 78

Bushwhacker Butch dead
Source: TMZ

Bushwhacker Butch, aka Robert Miller, was a professional wrestler who performed until he was 78 (October 21, 1944 – April 2, 2023). The NWA Canadian Tag Team Title, the WWC World Tag Team Championship, and the CWA International Tag Team Championship are just a few of the titles he has won in his career.

In the WorHehacker, Luke became known as The Bushwhackers (WWF). The pair in the World Wrestling Federation’s signature move was to enter the ring with their arms swung high and lick their opponents on the forehead, which became an instant hit with wrestling fans across the world. Miller was hospitalized in September 2001 after sustaining a serious neck injury.

Bushwhacker Butch Wrestling Career

Bushwhacker Butch (now 78) was born to Christian parents in Auckland, New Zealand on October 21, 1944.

According to our sources, he joined NWA when he was just 20 years old and quickly rose to regional fame. A year later, he traveled to the United States with his pal Luke Williams, also known as Bushwhacker Luke.

After meeting while working for Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling in Canada, Bill Cody and Bob Pringle won their first championship together in 1974. This New Zealand team left Stampede Wrestling for International Wrestling Enterprise and eventually settled back in their home country in 1975.

WWE Legend Bushwhacker Butch Dead At 78

Source: TMZ

Bushwhacker Butch dead at 78

The tragic loss of a genuine innovator has left the wrestling community in grief. Bushwhacker Butch, a WWE Hall of Famer, passed away at the age of 78, prompting a flood of condolences from current and former professional wrestlers. Butch (actual name Bob Miller) reportedly died only a few days after landing in Hollywood for WrestleMania due to sudden illness. In a Facebook post, Luke, Bob’s nephew, said, “Our dear Bob has passed away.”

People we care about most are always with us. Death has no power over certain things. Till we meet again, Uncle, you will always be loved. Butch’s tag team partner and fellow Bushwackers member Luke Williams was one among the mourners. On Instagram, Luke mourned the loss of his “tag team partner” and “friend” Robert “Butch” Miller. The two had been friends and partners for over 50 years.

My initial impression of Bob “The Chest” Miller (as he was known in those days) was that he was a top-class redneck, and what bloody redneck he was! This was back in the early 1970s, when we were young friends grappling for John da Silva in New Zealand. He was not just a terrific buddy, but a decent person in general.

My life narrative makes it sound like I am an only kid, but that’s not true. Bob Miller was the name of my brother back in the day. Bob, I adore you.

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