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WWE star Alexa Bliss Shared her post-surgery photo on Instagram

WWE star Alexa Bliss Shared her post-surgery photo on Instagram

A well known WWE star Alexa Bliss has recently posted an Instagram post. In the post, she claimed that her nose recovery was fully graphic on social media. On WWE tv, he is not seen from the Elimination Chamber. As per the rule, in 2021, the former champion was delayed because she needed sinus surgery. Alexa Bliss has recovered, and at the start of this month, she married the Ryan Cabrera musician.

Know what Alexa bliss posted on Instagram-

After the surgery, Bliss has shared her look at the recovery process time in her post on Instagram. But then the website declared it a violent picture. So then, she posted a response on her Instagram story for those who are the followers, and she asked followers to think about how she had felt if the website thought the picture was too graphic.


Know why Bliss is absent from the ongoing championship-

In the ongoing championship of the former RAW womens, she is absent and, as per the recent information, says that the company forced back the plans for the return due to Bliss wedding. Almost once a year, she wrestled. In a series this year, Bliss returned to the tv for a short scene. 

In some of the clips in which Bliss talked to the therapist about the loss of her doll, Lilly. In the last year, my best friend Alexa was ripped by Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules, and she has struggled to come to terms with the loss. 

For some months, she had been on hiatus, but after her lengthy layoff, there was a creative team who was incapable of coming up with a meaningful scenario for her return.

As per the information, the former champion is something silent about her disappointment with the creative process regarding the past year. As a result, there was nothing special booked for Bliss when she returned to the company.

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