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Youtuber and relationship advisor Kevin Samuels is in the rumors; his death is not confirmed.

Kevin Samuels

A YouTuber and a relationship advisor Kevin Samuels has died. He was a self-proclaimed relationship advisor and photo consultant, per the information. He is the one who is best known for his particularly for the black women and for his misogynistic comment. He was 56 years old when he died. Kevin became a trending topic on Thursday on Twitter and the internet.

Know the reason for his death- 

On the Instagram accounts of the Plug Talk,’ it has been said that Samuels died due to cardiac arrest, but we can not verify whether it is the exact reason for his death or not. Many Instagram accounts have published the cause without any confirmation. As per the information, Samuels’s death came from one of the social media posts that he died on a Thursday morning. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Samuels’s Instagram account posted a video in which he talked about modern women, and he has reflected all about it as if it was part 1.

There are many social media activities he was involved in, and since Tuesday, his Facebook has not been updated. However, Samuels’s final tweet was updated in April, and that post was also linked to his Instagram account. On Wednesday, about the modern women on youtube, he posted the last video, and the video was posted on Instagram and youtube the same day.

Kevin Samuels Death

Why Samuels is in the trending-

As he explained black women, he gained many fans on Instagram. Image consulting agency has worked with men who want to improve their appearance as per the information on his website. Samuels is in the news for some of the wrong reasons as he had described women at least 35, and she was not married as the leftover woman. 

Last month on her podcast, he said that you are a leftover woman if a woman is 35 and not married. Although officially, it has not been confirmed that he died. As claimed in the Plug talks, Samuel has died.

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