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Yvan Colonna passed away after the borstal attack

Yvan Colonna passed away after the borstal attack
Yvan Colonna passed away after the borstal attack

Yvan Colonna, a jailed Corsican autonomist, has died in a jihadist jail attack, and his prison assault kindled protests on the French Mediterranean island.

Death made Yvan Colonna popular

Yvan Colonna, presently aged 61, was completing his sentence to life in jail for killing a local official. He was given a lifetime sentence two decades ago for shooting Corsica’s top official to death in 1998. On 2 March 2022, a Cameroonian jihadist, one of his co-prisoners, attacked and beat him. This severe attack on Yvan Colonna took him in oblivion, and now he is getting treated in a hospital in the south of France.

As per the prosecutors, when his co-prisoner, a former jihadist sentenced for his terror offence, attacked and beat him, Yvan Colonna was exercising in the prison gym. Also, according to the investigator, the jihadist Elong Abé tried to choke Yvan Colonna with a bin bag as he heard Colonna cursing and taunting the fortune-teller Muhammed.

This attack and assault with Yvan Colonna have provoked rebellions in Corsica because many Corsica sees him as a hero for his work for independence from France. In addition, this attack and assault encouraged the whopping and most violent protests of the decades in Corsica. Furthermore, this assault makes out the failure of prison organizers in preventing the attack. 

Protest against jail irresponsibility of jail officials

After this cruel attack on Yvan Colonna, the jail authorities came under a scanner that how come such a disaster occurred when both Yvan Colonna and the former jihadist co-prisoner were under particularly guarded convict. The state is officially answerable for the safety of Yvan Colonna in prison, but it failed.

Due to his recklessness of jail authorities and state, thousands of protesters came on the streets of Corsica chanting freedom and French state assassin.

Some people even pitched stones and petrol bombs at police officials. As the protest was too severe, around 67 people were injured, including 44 police officers in a single night of rebelling in Bastia, Corsica’s second-biggest city. The island is well known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and it had been a French territory since the 18th Century.

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