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Zac Thompson 11-year-old boy drowned in the sea after a huge wave crashed into him

Zac Thompson 11-year-old boy drowned in the sea after a huge wave crashed into him

The beautiful kid with an infectious smile passed away in an accident. People around him and on social media have been passing condolences to his family.

The accident happened on a beach When Zac Thompson from Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, was spending time with his older brother and cousin.

The incident happened at West Angle Bay.

As per local reports, the sea took the boy on Friday evening.his brother and cousin were also about to drown but they knew how to swim and they came back to the land safely, unfortunately, Zac was not able to and locals brought him out of the sea.

Police confirmed that Zac was immediately taken to hospital via air route but he could not be saved and the doctor declared him dead.

Zac Thompson school posted about his potential:

His School also shared the news of his death on social media and shared about his vibrant personality. Zac had a huge zest for life’ ‘was a popular and much-loved character’ as per his school.

‘He excelled academically, in particular in maths, who loved to solve complex mental maths challenges – keeping staff on their toes,’ it added.

The school also added that zac had the potential to be a sportsperson and he could have achieved a lot. He would have been playing in the finals if was alive.

His cute pictures where he is wearing a superhero dress for his mom and sports attire for his team are also uploaded on social media and people are sharing them online.

School’s pos about the late boy:

‘Zac recently played exceptionally well in cricket, helping the school get through to the area finals, which are due to be played this week,’ the school added.

‘He had a cheeky smile, was funny, and was looking forward to his final weeks in primary school, the summer holidays, and all the opportunities that were open to him as he moved on to secondary school.

‘Zac had a huge zest for life. One sweet memory of him was when he was in year three and it was Superhero Day.

‘Zac came to school dressed as his favourite superhero – his mum. Zac said, “Not all superheroes wear capes”.

Zac Thompson 11-year-old boy drowned in the sea after a huge wave crashed into him

‘This is a dreadfully sad time for his family, and our love, thoughts and prayers are with both his family and his wide circle of friends, who will miss his big character and mischievous nature.’

An investigation will be launched into the matter.

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