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Beautician Zamarod Arif Bestie, Yagmur Ozden, 33, was killed in a lethal car accident

Zamarod Arif Bestie

Beautician Zamarod Arif Bestie, Yagmur Ozden, 33, was killed in a lethal car accident

 Zamarod Arif Bestie was driving her range rover at a high speed and she could not control it, she first crashed into a wall and she also killed her best friend in the crash.

Zamarod’s best friend Yagmur Ozden died in the accident at Park Royal tube station in west London on Monday.

 Zamarod Arif has survived the fatal accident in which her car crashed and spun on the tracks of Park Royal train station. The 4×4 hit a Tesla charger and her best friend from the back seat came to the front seat due to the gravity of the accident.

Zamarod Arif Bestie was wearing her seatbelt and she survived the crash miraculously.

She said “I was in the car conscious all the while. I felt every tumble.

Both the victims were running a beauty business Yagmur was given a lift by her friend because the battery of her Tesla was not charged.

Zamarod Arif statement after the death of her Bestie  Yagmur Ozden:

Beautician Zamarod Arif said “I felt everything. I had watched the Tsunami movie (The Impossible) three days prior with Yagmur and there was a girl getting affected by the Tsunami. Water was hitting her left right and center and it felt like that. It was the worst event of my life.

Zamarod got her leg fractured and broken arm in the crash – Rida remains in a coma. Zamarod continued: “I was conscious the whole time when the train ended up on the track. I was in a lot of agonies and just waited for ambulance people to come. Someone came to the car and suggested I should say a prayer as I was not going to survive. I could not move as my leg was trapped.” She added: “Yag was my greatest friend and my heart is simply breaking. I know I am lucky to be alive and I hope Rida makes a full recovery. I am so sad, my heart is breaking.

Yagmur had a 12-year-old daughter, she was loved by her family.

 The family said They added: “She had a fantastic bond with her kid and her daughter will always appreciate those moments she spent with her mum. “She was quite amusing and could brighten up the saddest person instantaneously, putting them in a better mood.”

The detail of the incident came from an Uber driver who could have been killed in the crash.

Yagmur Ozden was mother and she was very young:

Zamrod was 26 years old at the time of the crash and she was a British citizen

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