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Bleach Live-Action Film Review

Fans of Tite Kubo’s Bleach, brace yourselves as the live action film or the hit manga and anime is now available on Netflix! Earlier this year on July 20th, the […]

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NCT 127 To perform at Mickey’s 90th Spectacular on Nov. 4

SM Entertainment mega-sized boy band NCT cannot help but to attract attention (there are currently 18 active members!), but all eyes will be on subunit NCT 127 as they perform […]

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[Interview] Aussie Artist Mugzy Ready To Expand His Fan Base

Hip-hop may have been born in the Bronx almost 40 years ago, but its impact is felt in music around the world. As the hip-hop scene continues to diversify in […]

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Evolution of K-Pop: An Intro to SM

If you’ve been in the K-Pop industry for a while, you already know what SM stands for. But for those who just got in, I’m going to break it all […]

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K-Beauty, Not Just For Koreans Anymore

I’ve been a K-pop and K-drama fan since 2011, and like most other fans, I have always been curious about the products and beauty regimens Korean celebrities use. When I first […]

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Koda Kumi Allures with ‘Haircut’ PV

Aug. 9, 2018, marked the return of legendary Japanese pop-singer Koda Kumi as she released her “HAIRCUT” PV. Koda Kumi has brought the ferocity and heat with her futuristic, high-color […]

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Shane Dawson TMJP Pt. 3+4 Recap

Even with all the hate that Shane Dawson is getting from his Jake Paul documentary series, he has, of course, decided to continue forward. In the third segment, titled “The Family of Jake Paul,” Shane apologizes for wrongly accusing Paul of being a sociopath without getting the full story, and making a mental disorder seem like a horror movie. Apparently, Logan Paul had made […]