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M.O.N.T is For the Fans: ‘Will you be my mint?’ in Dallas

Nowadays, there’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with being a rookie group. With all the work of mostly the second generation and the further globalization of K-pop thanks […]

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My ID Is Gangnam Beauty And Its Message on Beauty

As someone who loves K-Dramas, after a certain point, you can spot the tropes and cliches pretty quickly. Poor, plucky girl meets rich snobby guy (who is secretly misunderstood). There’s […]

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ASSA! 아싸!

“K-pop Community Wired.” It’s been a minute since we last heard that phrase, hasn’t it? Two rotations around the sun, in fact, and a LOT has changed, both in the […]

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[GUEST] Top 3 OSTs That Made Me Fall in Love with K-dramas

This guest entry was written by blogger Yohana Belinda, owner of the website +THEGOODTHEWEIRD+. Views and opinions expressed in this entry are solely those of the guest contributor. The K-pop […]

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‘You’re My Boss’ Movie Review

Recently I have gotten into Filipino romantic comedies, so I thought it would be fun to review one with my friend, Wendilynn! We’re talking about “You’re My Boss” today. It’s […]

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Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker Legacy

On April 3, the teaser trailer for the upcoming Joker origin story was revealed. Though many DC Comics fans will decry the fact that Hollywood has decided to create a […]

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Robyn Remembers: KCON NY 2018

Now for KCON NY 2018! When the announcement for KCON USA 2018 was made, I instantly knew that I wanted to go to the stop in New York. The main […]