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Zandari Festa — Wake Up Iris @ Convent

When I got the chance to go to Korea for the first time, I knew without a doubt it was going to be a trip that would change my life. […]

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[Part 2] From the Writers, For the Writers: Lore Walsh

We asked three questions of several writers from all walks of life: What do you love about being a writer? What is one of your favorite things you’ve created and why? […]

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Minzy Postpones Dance Break US & Canada Leg

The title pretty much says it all. On November 1, nearly two months after announcing the Dance Break Tour, Minzy announced on her Instagram that she would have to postpone […]

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Meet Singaporean Entertainer Arthur Choo

When eager to achieve one’s dreams of leaving a positive lasting impression upon the world, it is refreshing to learn about the unique journeys of other driven people. Within the […]

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Cosplayer Spotlight: Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay

Meet Keenen Baker, also known as Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay, a college student with a passion for filming and costuming. Over the past five years, Keenen has showcased his love for comics […]

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MACG Interviews: R&B Artist Rheehab

As the music scene in South Korea diversifies each year, interest in the smooth vocal stylings of the country’s R&B scene grows. One artist who is committed to bringing different […]