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Rita Rusk Passes away, Pioneer In Glasgow Hairdressing, Dies At Age Of 75

Rita Rusk
Rita Rusk; image credits- BBC

Legendary Scots hairstylist Rita Rusk dies at the age of 75. She was once known as “Scotland’s First Lady of Hairdressing” and, along with her ex-husband Irvine, was the first Scotswoman to be crowned British Hairdresser of the Year in 1987.

Rita Rusk

Rita Rusk; image credits – The Times

Rita Rusk’s Cause Of Death

She battled a chronic kidney condition until she passed away. She rose to the top of her profession from modest beginnings as one of ten children in Castlemilk, taking on “the big boys of London when no one even was doing that,” and garnering high profile clientele like the Duchess of Kent & actress Greta Scacchi.

Rita Rusk’s Career

She came from a hairdressing family, and the couple started their debut salon in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, before opening three more in Glasgow. Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri interned at the company’s West Nile Street location. The couple invented the caterpillar as well as the butterfly hairstyles, in which orange, red, and copper were adhered to the hair and then outlined in black. Their empire served 2,000 clients per week & had an annual revenue of £1.5 million.

The Rusks received invitations to give exhibitions and seminars across Europe, America, and Japan as a result of the brand’s rising international profile. Rita continued to grow her business in Scotland after the couple’s separation in the late 1980s and remarried corporate lawyer Brian Dorman, who passed away about ten years ago. Irvine Rusk moved to the United States. She developed the flat-iron hair straightener out of her love for product development. Because she was unable to obtain a design patent, she sold the device to Babyliss for £40,000.

Rita Rusk’s Personal Life

James, her 47-year-old son, who runs The Butchershop Bar & Grill as well as the Spanish Butcher in Glasgow, claimed his mother died quietly while surrounded by family. He claimed that his mother had had a significant impact on his restaurant venture, which he runs with his wife Louise. The couple’s children, James Jr., 7, and Savannah, 11, all reside in Helensburgh. He claimed that his mother was already working on a book regarding her lengthy career and that her distinctive, glamorous taste had persisted right up to her passing.

Her son claimed that the family had only recently gone to The Butchershop for lunch when they were living in Glasgow’s West End. Alan Edwards, a hairstylist from Glasgow, was one of many who paid respect to Ms. Rusk, who was crowned the Best Hairdresser in the World four times by the French fashion publication Metamorphose.


1. What is the age of Rita Rusk?

Ans. 75 years old

2. What is the cause of the death of Rita Rusk?

Ans. chronic kidney condition

3. Where was Rita Rusk’s first saloon?

Ans. Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

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