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Des Moines Police: After Killing Mother And Daughter, Jason Rothman Died From Self Inflicted Wound

Jason Rothman
Danielle Remily and Emma Parker, Image Credits:Des Moines Register

According to authorities, a man who shot and murdered a mother and her kid in Des Moines’ Merle Hay area before shooting himself in the head in a nearby park has passed away.

Danielle Remily and Emma Parker

Danielle Remily and Emma Parker, Image Credits:Des Moines Register

Jason Rothman, The Murderer

Jason Rothman, age 22, was named by the police. According to the police, Rothman was the daughter’s previous lover. At about three in the morning on Monday, Rothman allegedly entered the house of Danielle Remily, 47, and her child Emma Parker, 20, who shared a residence in the 2600 block of 53rd St., and murdered both of them.

Jason Rothman Called Police After Shooting

Shortly after the shooting, according to authorities, Rothman contacted emergency dispatchers to admit to the killings and announce his intention to end his life. He was found with a bullet wound at the nearby Riley Park and taken to the hospital. Police reported finding a handgun in the park, as well as evidence suggests it was used both in the killings and the suicide.

On the spot, both women’s deaths were confirmed. The murders in Des Moines were on the 19th & 20th of this year. Their passing adds to Iowa’s domestic violence death toll, which as of the end of August, as most recent data, stood at 12.


1. What is the age of Jason Rothman?

Ans. 22 years

2. What is the age of Danielle Remily?

Ans. 47 years

3. What is the age of Emma Parker?

Ans. 20 years

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