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Who was shot dead by Jonah in Ozark Season 4?

Who was shot dead by Jonah in Ozark Season 4

The famous American TV program Ozark released its fourth season on 29th April 2022 with no change within the cast, and it’s being streamed on Netflix worldwide. Many critics have praised the show for the extremely intriguing plot, shocking twists and turns, and after all, for the mind-blowing acting of all characters. The star-studded show was first released in July 2017, where we follow a family who recently moved to the Lake of the Ozark on a crime-thriller drama journey. The first, second, and third seasons had 10 episodes each of 60-80 minutes.

The Cliffhanger ending-

The fourth season was divided into two parts of seven episodes each (14 episodes total). The last scene of the 14th episode had many viewers chewing their fingernails, thanks to the open ending. Within the last scene of the 14th episode Jonah, the teenage son of Marty and Wendy, our lead characters, came out with a shotgun, followed by a gunshot, and therefore the credits roll. This cliffhanger ending made many viewers create their endings about who Jonah was shot dead.

The 3 theories by fans-

The viewers have created three possibilities about the one Jonah murders with their wild imagination, each supported by different theories. Per many fan theories, the primary and most possible victim of Jonah’s shotgun is Mel Sattem; the disgraced cop turned private eye. The fans use the hatred of Jonah for Mel to support this theory. The rivalry and disdain of both characters for each other are observed throughout the 4rth season.

The second possibility is that Jonah shot the jar which contained Ben’s ashes. Jonah, although he is simply a teenage boy, it’s been noted throughout the season that he’s extremely witty and smart for his age. So, in step with fans, it is possible that he wanted to destroy the ‘great’ evidence Mel was proudly boasting about. the likelihood of Jonah murdering his mother Wendy also has not been disregarded by fans in their fan theory fandom. While Jonah is cruel enough to kill Mel, he couldn’t have enough courage to kill his mother. Although his goal could also be to destroy the foundation of evil from the family by killing Wendy, it’s not compatible with Jonah’s vigilant personality to try and make such a giant blunder.

The above three are just the only discussed possibilities about the ending. There are countless other theories in various fan fandoms furthermore. In keeping with you, who Jonah killed at the end of season 4 of Ozark?

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