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Actor Tom Sizemore dead at 61

Tom Sizemore
Source: NBC News

The New York Post stated that George Conway, an outspoken critic of the former president, is divorcing Kellyanne Conway, a former senior counsellor to Trump.

Page Six reported on Friday that people acquainted with the situation confirmed that the high-profile Washington couple had retained legal counsel following an unsuccessful effort to save their 22-year marriage. The couple now has a brood of four.

A Saturday request for response from Insider was not immediately returned by the Conways’ representatives.

After getting married in 2001, the Conways quickly ascended to political prominence. According to prior reports by Insider, the pair have polarising opinions about Trump. During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Kellyanne was his campaign manager. She then became a senior White House adviser and announced her departure for the summer of 2020.

Tom Sizemore Dead: 'Saving Private Ryan' Actor Was 61 | IndieWire

Source: NBC News

Soon after that, George began to voice his opposition to the president’s policies and philosophy. In retrospect, George, a conservative lawyer, says he shouldn’t have introduced his new bride to Trump so soon after their wedding.

Both George and Trump are well-known for making jabs at each other on Twitter. Trump called George a “spouse from hell” in a tweet earlier this year. Kellyanne Conway claimed in her memoir “Here’s the Deal” that her husband was “cheating via tweeting” because of how harshly he criticised her on social media.

According to the extract from her memoir, she “had already expressed publicly what I’d told privately to George: that his daily rain of insults-by-tweet against my employer — or, as he described it occasionally, ‘the folks in the White House,'” the author writes.

Kellyanne confirmed she and George don’t wear wedding rings in a 2022 interview with CBS Mornings.

Trump took to Truth Social after the rumoured split to launch another attack on George.

Trump tweeted early on Saturday, congratulating Kellyanne Conway on her divorce from her “wacko husband,” Mr. Kellyanne Conway. At long last, the albatross around her neck that she despised so much has been cast off.

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