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Adriaan Vlok, Former Apartheid Minister, Passes Away At Age 85

Adriaan Vlok
Adriaan Vlok; image credits - BBC

Former apartheid minister of law & order Adriaan Vlok passed away early on January 8, 2023. Peet Bothma, a spokesman for the family, reported that Vlok, 85, was brought to the Unitas Hospital in Centurion.

Adriaan Vlok

Adriaan Vlok; image credits -EWN

Adriaan Vlok’s Cause Of Death

The neighborhood is in grief following Adriaan Vlok’s passing. As per a statement from the family’s spokeswoman Peet Bothma, Adriaan Vlok passed away following a brief illness. To learn more about Adriaan Vlok’s passing, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. As soon as additional details about the tragedy that caused so many people to cry are made public, this section will be updated.

A former politician from South Africa named Adriaan Johannes Vlok. During the last years of apartheid, from 1986 to 1991, he served as South Africa’s Minister of Law and Order. In response to the nation’s escalating political unrest and opposition during this time, the South African government planned and implemented harsh repressive measures, including using hit squads to bomb and kill anti-apartheid activists through to the State Security Council, of which Vlok was a participant.

Adriaan Vlok’s Career

In Keimoes and Upington, Vlok began his career as a magistrate for the Department of Justice. He joined the National Party in 1959. Vlok served as an undersecretary for the Department of Justice in Pretoria from 1959 to 1966 while earning an attorney’s certificate at the University of Pretoria. After that, he was appointed the assistant prime minister of South Africa, B. J. Vorster’s, private secretary. He left the Department of Justice in 1970 to serve in a court communications service before going into politics. In 1972, he was elected to the Verwoerdburg (now Centurion) municipal council, and in 1974, he was chosen to represent the area in the national parliament.

In September 1984, he was appointed deputy minister of defense. He was also appointed to the role of deputy minister of law & order a few months later, at the start of 1985. He oversaw the arrest and persecution of about 30,000 persons while serving as deputy minister of law & order. In 1988, he oversaw the restriction of 17 anti-apartheid organizations in his capacity as Minister of Law and Order. Vlok’s position as minister caused controversy when discussions about ending apartheid began in 1990 when the African National Congress pushed for his dismissal.

Adriaan Vlok’s Net Worth

Adriaan Vlok is one of the wealthiest and most well-liked politicians. The $5 million net worth of Adriaan Vlok.Listed among the renowned South African celebrities. Every year on December 11, Adriaan Vlok celebrates his birthday.


1. What is the net worth of Adriaan Vlok?

Ans. $5 million

2. What is the age of Adriaan Vlok?

Ans. 85 years old

3. When is Adriaan Vlok’s birthday?

Ans. December 11
4. When did Adriaan Vlok die?

Ans. January 8, 2023

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