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After Departing Thursday’s Lakers-Warriors Game, D’Angelo Russell Injury Reported

Source: Sporting News

The unexpected departure of D’Angelo Russell from the game between the Lakers and the Warriors caused a great deal of worry among all Lakers supporters. Donte DiVincenzo suffered a twisted right ankle as a result of his stepping on one of his feet at a specific moment in the game. Injuries of this nature are not often as minor as they look at first appearance, as evidenced by the fact that Russell had to be helped off the floor at the Arena immediately.

Lakers still ended up winning the game thanks to their domination, but they have a serious need for a player like Russell, particularly in light of the fact that Westbrook and Beverley both left the team before the trade deadline. On Friday, we were all given some information on the scan that he had been exposed to.

Is D’Angelo Russell’s ankle okay?

The scan data indicates that D’Angelo Russell’s ankle does not have any fractures that the physicians were able to locate. Although this is encouraging news about the injury, the athlete should continue to be patient and the doctors advise him to take his recuperation one day at a time. He is currently dealing with a serious injury and has to be completely well before he can return to playing.

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers who were hoping to see D’Angelo Russell return for the team’s next game will be disappointed to hear that his health is “day-to-day.” D’Angelo had already tallied two points, four rebounds, and three assists in only nine minutes of playing time when he suffered an injury that forced him to leave the contest early.

D'Angelo Russell doesn't seem concerned about his sprained ankle

Source: Sporting News

The Lakers still have Dennis Schroder available to play in place of D’Angelo Russell in the event that the latter misses a game due to injury. Dennis did end up scoring 13 points while playing 27 minutes in the game that was played versus the Warriors. Nonetheless, Austin Reaves and Lonnie Walker IV could see an increase in playing time as a result of Russell’s absence versus the forthcoming competition.

Russell is in for a rough ride now that he’s back in the NBA, which is the league in which he got his start. Since he was a little boy, he has had an intense desire to make a name for himself on the sports team that he has supported the most. After having a slight knee ailment in December, Russell has already missed three games due to injury during this season. These absences have all occurred during this season.


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