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Alec Baldwin Should Not Be Charged In The Fatal Shooting From The Movie “Rust,” According To Mickey Rourke

Alec Baldwin
Image credit- BuzzFeed

In connection with the murder of photographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust,” Alec Baldwin is accused of involuntary manslaughter.

What Happened To Alec Baldwin?

After Alec Baldwin of “The Departed” was accused of involuntary manslaughter in the 2021 death of cameraman Halyna Hutchins, Mickey Rourke strongly defended the actor.

Following the announcement by New Mexico prosecutors that Baldwin, 64, will be charged with a crime on Thursday, the 70-year-old actor took to Instagram on Friday to express his feelings. Baldwin was holding a gun when Hutchins, 42, was murdered by a live bullet as they were practising a scene for the Western film “Rust.”

The lengthy caption of his post, which included a picture of Baldwin, was started by the Academy Award nominee: “I typically never offer my 2 cents in regarding what happens on someone’s movie set.”

Alec Baldwin

Image credit- BuzzFeed

Alec Baldwin Should Not Be Held Responsibility

Alec Baldwin should not be charged in the fatal “Rust” shooting, according to Mickey Rourke.

The actor from “Wrestler” said, “In some situations, the 1st AD might transfer a gun to an actor, but most of the time, the gun is passed to the actor directly by the “gun armour.” On the set, that is what armor’s function is. should surround any kind of potentially lethal weapon with an expert.

He Is Handed With A 45 Revolver

“The actor then has the option of self-dry shooting the gun to make sure. Baldwin claims that Halls gave him a.45 revolver and told him it was “cold,” or safe. According to her attorney Jason Bowles, Gutierrez-Reed first rotated the cylinder to demonstrate Halls what was in the gun.

Both in a podcast episode and in a primetime interview that followed the fatal shooting, Baldwin insisted that he did not pull the trigger. The actor initially claimed he had not pulled the trigger, only retracted the gun’s hammer as far as he could.

Baldwin’s lawyer said that his client “relied on the specialists with whom he worked” to guarantee that the set was secure once the charges were made public, calling them a “sad miscarriage of justice.”


1. Who is Alec Baldwin?

A. He is a Actor

2. What is his profession?

A. Actor

3. What was Alec Baldwin Nationality?

A. American

4. How old is Alec Baldwin?

A. 64 years old

5. What happened to Alec Baldwin?

A. He might face criminal charges

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