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Apsara Wimalasiri, Victoria University Scholar has died, Obituary, Cause of Death

Apsara Wimalasiri, Victoria University Scholar has died, Obituary, Cause of Death
Apsara Wimalasiri, Victoria University Scholar has died, Obituary, Cause of Death

Very talented scholar at Victoria University of Wellington, Ph.D. a student was killed by her ex-husband in Sri Lanka when she arrived from New Zealand just two days before. Apsara Wimalakirti – Ph.D. student at Victoria University of Wellington. Apsara was killed two days ago. This Sunday, she died in the city of Weliweriya. When Apsara went on a short vacation to visit her family and take part in the country’s political protests. But she could not return to her residence at her university. Her ex-husband killed her.

Who was Apsara Wimalasiri?

Victoria’s student was a 33-year-old lady. She moved to Wellington in 2020 for her master’s thesis before completing her Ph.D. candidate at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies of the University on a full scholarship. Her Ph.D. leader and friend, Dr. Corrine Seals, said Wimalasiri is much loved by all and she has been connected to many communities in both New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Apsara Wimalasiri Cause of Death

Apsara Wimalasiri was not only a scholar, but also an active activist. She always supported everyone around her. Instead of becoming a central part of the school or she was also involved with Samoan studies and psychology and had friends all over the university. At her university, Apsara was a very popular figure. During her studies, she was active. In her academic studies, Wimalasiri has been passionate about empowering people with multilingual backgrounds and has also studied at the University of Colombo Sri Lanka and the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Cause of death of Apsara Wimalasiri

She was killed by her ex-husband at the age of 33 when she left for Sri Lanka. The police are investigating the case. It is clear that her ex-husband is her killer. When the news hit the spotlight, its supporters were very shocked to hear about it.

Professor Sarah Leggott, Victoria University’s acting Vice-Chancellor for Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, said the university community mourns the loss of Wimalasiri. “The thoughts of the whole university community are with Apsara’s family. The university is providing support to impacted staff and students. A commemorative event for Apsara is being planned by friends and colleagues at the university.”

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