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As Police Brutality In Nigeria Continues, Bolanle Raheem Was Shot Dead

Bolanle Raheem
Bolanle Raheem; image credits - Vanguard News

After a police officer assigned to the Ajah Police Station in Lagos fatally shot a female lawyer named Bolanle Raheem on Sunday, it appears that police cruelty in Nigeria will never end.

Bolanle Raheem

Bolanle Raheem; image credits – Vanguard News

How Did Bolanle Raheem Die?

While attempting to perform a U-turn under the Ajah Bridge, the woman was killed inside the car in front of her family as they were heading from church. For a Christmas celebration, Bolanle took her family to a restaurant, but a police officer came after her and fired at her car. She was struck by the bullet, and after being taken to a local hospital, she passed away.

The Police Officer Who Murdered Bolanle Raheem

Although police claimed to have apprehended and held the officer who brutally murdered Bolanle, the hard truth is that Nigerians are still subject to police violence, which is concerning given that general elections are only two months away. The gun-toting officer who killed the lawyer would face the consequences of his actions, according to a statement made on Monday by SP Benjamin Hundeyin, spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command.

Who Was Bolanle Raheem?

Raheem was born on May 29th and is a Christian. She was wed to Gbenga Raheem, and the two of them had kids. She attended Holy Child College in Ikoyi, Lagos State, for her secondary education. She also attended the Nigerian Law School in Enugu State and studied at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. She belonged to the Lagos chapter of the Nigerian Bar Association and practiced property law. Raheem worked as a developer, real estate consultant, business coach, and award-winning realtor.

Even if the police statement seems encouraging, the tragic incident makes me think of the #EndSARS campaign in 2020, when Nigerian teenagers organized nationwide protests to call for the disbanding of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). At gunpoint, SARS agents were robbing Nigerians, forcing them to withdraw money from ATMs while stealing it from them; many of the victims were brutally murdered by these trigger-happy officers.

The majority of the inhumane treatment that Nigerians endured occurred on Lagos Island, where the problem became severe. This gave the youth a platform to call for equality in the face of Nigerian police brutality. At the height of the unrest in the nation, men in military uniforms broke into the Lekki Tollgate demonstration and opened fire on young people. The tragedy that resulted in numerous fatalities was not acknowledged as their fault by the government or the Nigerian Army.

SARS was abolished by the federal government, but police violence in Nigeria has continued, as evidenced by the recent killing of Bolanle. The fact that Nigerians are already considering organizing another demonstration and that the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) is also calling for justice suggests that Bolanle’s passing has reopened old wounds. As the general elections in 2023 drew near, our nation cannot afford to slide into another large-scale protest. However, because security personnel has shown a lack of respect for human life, civilians cannot again fold their weapons.

Yakubu Maikyau, the association’s president, was keeping an eye on the sad incident, according to NBA National Publicity Secretary Akorede Lawal. The question is whether or not Nigerian police brutality will be reduced or eliminated. To halt the threat, the nation urgently needs the support of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, attorneys, human rights organizations, the media, and the general public.

However, Nigerian police violence won’t end unless the police fully accept responsibility for educating and re-educating their staff. Police officers in big cities like Lagos should occasionally have their mental health evaluated. In places where they are psychologically unstable, certain police officers might not be able to handle a gun. To recognize the sacredness of life, a police officer must be psychologically healthy.


1. Who is the husband of Bolanle Raheem?

Ans. Gbenga Raheem

2. When is Bolanle Raheem’s birthday?

Ans. 29th May

3. What is the occupation of Bolanle Raheem?

Ans. Lawyer

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