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Ashley Jordan Hardee Mother accused of incest

Ashley Jordan Hardee Mother accused of incest

A mother has been arrested after a shocking revelation about her occurred when a social worker had a discussion with her son.

The boy informed a social helper about the ordeal he was going through. The boy claims he has been raped and sexually assaulted.

This filthy information about her mother has sent shivers down normal people.

Police have arrested Jerry Gillespie in the same case.

Charges by police on Hardee and Gillespie:

Both of them are facing the following charges:

Police have charged Jerry with one count of first-degree statutory rape.

Mother Hardee has been charged with one count of incest and one count of direct rape.

She has also been accused of one count of indecent liberties with a toddler and one count of felony youngster abuse by the sexual act.

Jerry Gillespie has also been charged with one count of sexual crime by a proxy parent on a child and two counts of indecent liberties with a child.

However, it is not identified the exact time and date of the abuse. the police department of Gaston country started an investigation when this startling news was provided to them by a social worker. The victim provided information to the social helper. Both Gillespie and Hardie are currently lodged in Gaston county jail. their bond is $500000.

This news is from North Carolina and if any news about Ashly Jordan Hardee arrives we at areal news will be the first to reveal it. hardee’s bio, wiki, and past are not in the public domain yet.

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