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Southern Charm’ Star Olivia Flowers’ Brother, Conner Flowers Dies at 32

conner flowers
Source: TV Insider

Conner Flowers, Olivia’s brother, died when he was 32 years old. Close friends and family members talked about how much they loved this “rare and remarkable” sibling. On Monday, family friend and reality TV star Thomas Ravenel confirmed that he had died as he led the emotional tributes.

Conner, Olivia’s brother, may have died unexpectedly at the end of last month. Dozens of messages of support came in for the brother of the star of “Southern Charm.” Thomas sent Conner four pictures. Thomas used to be on Bravo. Two of the pictures showed them drinking in a bar, and the other two showed them playing golf. In the photos, Conner has a striking resemblance to his well-known reality star sister. He presented himself in fashionable, pricey attire and posed for the camera in an unforced manner.

Who was Conner Flowers?

Olivia Flowers has a brother named Conner Flowers. Olivia and Conner were on an MTV show called “Teen Cribs” in 2009. They were 17 and 19 years old at the time, and they lived in a mansion in Dallas, Texas. Olivia and Conner’s parents, Garry and Robin, were also on the show. The kids of Olivia and Conner showed off their childhood home, which had a pool and a beautiful movie theatre.

What happened to Olivia Flowers’s brother?

The brother and sister were close and often posted each other’s Instagram photos on their own accounts. On a windy day in 2019, they posed for a photo together. Olivia grabbed her brother. “Remember…as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family,” she wrote in the photo’s caption, adding, “Little do they know.”

Southern Charm' Star Olivia Flowers' Brother, Conner, Dies at 32

Source: TV Insider

Connor’s past has not been easy. He has been arrested for having drugs and driving while drunk. He probably lived with his parents in Isle of Palms, where they had a house.

The sixteenth of October saw the publication of Conner’s most recent Instagram photo, which was a single photograph of him at Republic Garden & Lounge in downtown Charleston. This is the location where his Flowers co-star Leva Bonaparte works. He also published a picture of the two of them together, with Ashley Jacobs, who plays Thomas’s ex-girlfriend on “Southern Charm.”

How did Conner Flowers die?

The last time anyone heard from Conner Flowers was on January 30. No one knows why the person died yet. Thomas Ravenel posted the news. He used to be on “Southern Charm.” People then wrote nice things about him on a page about his death. No one knows yet what happened to Conner. In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, there will be a wake on Saturday, February 4, and a funeral on Sunday, February 5.

Thomas wrote in his tribute, “Conner Flowers died on January 30, 2023. He was born on February 9, 1990, and lived until January 30, 2023. Because you were so kind and helpful, people will miss you a lot. I’m sorry that you and your family are so sad.”

The funeral home was J. Henry Stuhr Mount Pleasant Chapel, according to an obituary on Taylor Ann Green’s mother was one of the three people who left a message on the website.

Olivia hasn’t said anything about her brother’s death yet, but fans have shown their sadness in her most recent Instagram post. The two siblings seemed close because they often posted about how much they loved each other on social media. “Southern Charm” is making its ninth season right now.

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