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Corrections officer Vicky White’s family and coworkers are ‘devastated’ after she is accused of assisting a murder suspect in eluding capture.

Corrections officer Vicky White’s family and coworkers are 'devastated' after she is accused of assi

Vicky White’s family and coworkers are trying to understand how someone on the verge of retirement with “a spotless record” is now the target of a warrant and accused of assisting a guy charged with murder escape from prison.

Who is Vicky White? (Wiki, Age, Parents)

Vicky White, a Lauderdale County assistant director of corrections, is wanted on charges of enabling or facilitating escape in the first degree, according to Sheriff Rick Singleton.

According to the sheriff, she was last seen leaving the Lauderdale County Detention Center on Friday in her patrol car with convict Casey White, 38, who was chained and shackled. They have nothing to do with one other.

Vicky White stated that she was taking Casey White to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation and that she would then seek medical attention because she was not feeling well. Vicky White never showed up at the medical institution, and there was no hearing or evaluation set for Casey White that day, according to authorities.

Corrections officer Vicky White’s family and coworkers are 'devastated' after she is accused of assi

How did Vicky White’s coworkers and family react to the news?

Vicky White’s coworkers were taken aback by the news. Singleton said Friday would be her last day at work after nearly two decades with the department. He added that she had submitted her retirement paperwork last week and had considered moving to the beach.

“Her coworkers are all devastated. Vicky White had never been in a scenario like this before. She was a fantastic employee “Ryan Young of CNN spoke with Singleton. “If she did it voluntarily, which all evidence suggests she did… I guess we’re trying to hold on to the last shred of hope that she was threatened and did this under duress, but you’d undoubtedly feel betrayed “Singleton remarked.

Vicky White’s mother expressed her shock at the circumstances and expressed her desire for her daughter to return home. “We don’t know if she was kidnapped forcibly or freely. But all we want is for her to return to us “WAAY, a CNN station, quoted Pat Davis as saying. Vicky White had been staying with her mother for the past five weeks after selling her house, but Davis claimed she had never discussed her retirement or Casey White. “I’d never heard of him, never seen his image, and had no idea who he was. I had no prior knowledge of him “Davis told the news organization.

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