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Darren Waller’s Wife: All You Need to Know About Kelsey Plum

Darren Waller’s Wife: All You Need to Know About Kelsey Plum
Source: Fox 5 Vegan

Two athletes were married not too long ago. Kelsey Plum, a superstar in the WNBA, recently tied the knot with Darren Waller, a former tight end for the Oakland Raiders. Their life was turned upside down when they heard the 30-year-old football star had signed with the New York Giants. The suddenness of it all caught Waller’s new wife off guard, and she felt obligated to take a jab at Raiders coach Josh McDaniels.

Apart from the former Georgia Tech star, his fans, and most importantly, his wife, were all taken aback by the revelation. For all her own purposes, Plum is a formidable force. The basketball athlete, now 28 years old, had a fantastic year. Yet, many people were introduced to Plum by the now-famous tweet she posted in response to Robert Griffin III.

Darren Waller has a star player for a wife

Whilst it would be unfair to compare Waller’s stellar resume to that of her wife, Kelsey Plum can assemble a very competitive one.

Among Plum’s ancestors are some professional athletes. Her family is full of athletes; her mother played volleyball at Cal, her dad played basketball and football at San Diego State, and her sisters are excellent volleyball players. Dan, her sibling, played tight end for UC Davis. So, it is reasonable to conclude that children are shaped by their families.

While at her high school, Plum gained a lot of attention as a star athlete. In 2012, she was a key player in her school’s run to the California state title. Also, she participated in the Pan American Games as a United States Under-19 team member and brought home the gold. She was the first overall choice in the 2017 WNBA Draft, taken by the San Antonio Stars.

It took her some time to get used to the spotlight, but she eventually played a major part in helping her club make the playoffs in 2019 after missing them the previous five years. While she missed the 2020 season due to surgery on her Achilles tendon, she returned strong after signing a contract extension with the team that year.

Darren Waller’s Wife: All You Need to Know About Kelsey Plum

Source: Fox 5 Vegan

When the first-ever 33 basketball tournament was held in 2021, she captained Team USA to the championship. She was named the year’s Sixth Player of the Year, too. In her debut WNBA All-Star Game, the rising star was named the game’s most valuable player. They won by an average of more than 20 points as a team thanks to her performance.

When did they go in a relationship?

Their connection was a well-guarded secret between Waller and Plum. Yet, it is widely believed that they began a relationship some time in 2022. The happy pair, who are now husband and wife, submitted their marriage license application on January 22 and tied the knot on March 2, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Just close friends and family members were invited to the little event.

The man she is married to has a $30 million fortune. In other words, Waller has the larger bank balance of the two. Yet, Plum is also a well-known celebrity with a million-dollar net worth. She is well-off because to endorsement deals with companies like Under Armour and lucrative contract work.

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