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Date A Live Season 4 Release Date – Everything you need to know about

Date A Live Season 4 Release Date – Everything you need to know about
Date A Live Season 4 Release Date – Everything you need to know about

Date A Live is an anime series that has kept the anime geeks holding on to the updates. The series, produced by Geek Toys and Jun Nakagawa, gets users and viewers at a high pace. The series so far has successfully finished 3 seasons, and now the 4th season is also making headlines. 

Date A Live Season 4  Release Date, Reviews

Writer Fumihiko Shimo is back with yet another anime series whose characters are designed by Artist Naoto Nakamura. Moreover, the music of the series Gou Sakabe. Date A Live is a very loved series. All of its seasons have a gripping storyline, and the same goes with the fourth one. 

The fourth season also focuses on the story of Shido Itsuka and the spirits. A sideways story also shows the supernatural female entities who fall head over heels for him. The release of the season of the beloved series was originally fall 2021, which falls approximately in October. But, even before the release of the trailer, it was announced that the season had been deferred due to various reasons. 


Finally, in January 2022, it was announced that the fourth season of Date A Live was scheduled to be in Spring 2022, which is approximately in April 2022. Furthermore, it was also announced that the opening song, ‘OVeR,’ will be sung by Miyu Tumita, and Sweet Arms will sing the closing song titled ‘S.O.S.’ 

The sound cast of the previous returned to the new one with a bang. As of the first three seasons, Crunchyroll streamed them, and the same will be followed for the fourth season. Some cast members will be new as dubbing artists will be needed for the newly introduced characters. 

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