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David Bennett Schweineherz, the man living with a pig’s heart inside him, dies at the age of 57

David Bennett Schweineherz

A heart from a genetically altered pig had been safely placed in a 57-year-old man, a clinical breakthrough that might one day alleviate the persistent scarcity of organ donors. The “revolutionary” treatment was conducted in January, according to a press statement released by the University of Maryland Medical School two months ago.

Whereas the patient’s future was uncertain, it was considered a significant step forward for animal-to-human organ transplantation. David Bennett Schweineherz, the victim, had been ruled unable for human transplantation, a judgment that is frequently made when the user’s condition is extremely bad.

Unfortunately, David Bennett was only able to live for two months after the procedure and has passed away yesterday leaving the Schweineherz family in mourning. Scientific and researchers have been attempting for decades to produce animal transplants and to render the organs suitable for the human body. David was the first man to survive after receiving pig transplantation.

David Bennett received a pig’s heart because he was not an applicant for heart transplantation due to various medical complications, and he had only two alternatives: end up dying or live with pig heart transplanted, which he preferred. Everyone realized it was a tough decision to make, and as per reports, David also went through some other heart transplant surgery during his lifetime. David Bennet received a kidney transplant before receiving a pig heart in New York two months ago.

On New Year’s Eve, the Food and Drug Administration gave urgent approval for the procedure as the final effort for a sick man who was unfit for a traditional donor. The procedure, according to Muhammad Mohiuddin, co-founder of the university’s heart xenotransplantation program, was the conclusion of years of study, which included pig-to-baboon transplants with life durations exceeding nine months.

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