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Death of Wayne Walter due to a car accident. How many people were involved in this accident?

Death of Wayne Walter due to a car accident. How many people were involved in this accident?

Is it true that Wayne Walter died due to a car accident at Newport beach? Let’s find out.

Is the rumor true that Wayne Water died due to a car accident?

Recently, an accident took place at Newport Beach where their people died. One of them was Wayne Walter. The incident took place at around 12:45 am on Pacific Coast highway’s block 3000. 

Hence, the rumors are true that he has passed away, although not much information has been revealed about him, his family, his dating life and job, etc. At the time of the accident, he was 40 years old. The other two people who died along with him were Crystal McCallum and Andrew James Chaves. The orange county coroner’s office recognized their bodies. Hence the news of his death is true. 

How did the accident take place?

The accident took place between a truck and Wayne’s car. The construction workers involved in the accident were saved as they were rushed to the hospital on time and were suffering minor injuries. We send our deep condolences to his family and friends. Tweets are being shared regarding his death. 

The news of his death was shared with everyone on Twitter by The cause of the crash is unknown; the model of the car that crashed was Tesla Model S. The case is still under investigation; soon, we will let you know more details. 

 Wayne Walter

Also, sources suggest that it took time to identify their bodies, and after the incident took place, the PCH between Hoag Drive and Riverside Avenue was closed. If your life is important to you, please drive safely and avoid such accidents.

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