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Derrico Jhonson was arrested for killing Justine Jhonson

Derrico Jhonson was arrested for killing Justine Jhonson

Derrico is and from DC. He is arrested for the use of a killing a 16-year-old. The boy was killed a month ago.

Center for disease control and prevention shows no disease kills as many people as guns Kill US citizens. It is on record for ordinary people to compare. There are huge numbers of people killed by guns every year. there are many gun deaths in the past and with the growing population, numbers have not decreased.

Who is Derrico Jhonson.

Derrico is a young man who is arrested for killing a 16-year-old Justine Jhonson. the young man will be behind bars for a long time. If the government has created a safe space for men of color he might be doing something good with his life. He is born in Southeast DC and the victim was born in same vicinity. The murder took place at Temple Hills MD.

Around 11:24 some gunshots were heard by the passerby. People were visiting the seventh district. They found a young man with serious bullet injuries.

Immediately the fire and rescue team reached the scene, By the time medical rescue looked at Justine, he was dead.

Justine died on the spot before he could have been taken to the hospital.

Derrico Jhonson was arrested for killing Justine Jhonson

Family of Derrick Jhonson.

Police have been looking for Derrico’s parents. Police have asked the general public to help find his parents so someone can bear the charges of the case.

His parents must be devastated when they hear the news of their son ruining his life and killing someone else’s son.

Mugshots of Derrico Johnson on Twitter:

Police have not posted any news about Derico. His pictures are not in the public domain yet.

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