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Dr Ling Felce, a leading scientist, dies in a cycling accident

Dr Ling Felce

Dr Ling Felce, a Malaysian-born scientist, was killed in a fatal accident in Oxford on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Dr. Ling Felce was injured in an accident with a truck near The Plain roundabout. Dr. Ling breathed her last in Oxford, near the roundabout intersection of St Clement’s Street and The Plain. She passed away on the scene of the crime succumbing to her injuries. 

Who is responsible for the accident of Dr. Ling Felce?

The truck driver, Robert Whiting, was arrested for killing a person with his reckless driving while incapacitated due to drugs and was presented in front of the Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. Robert Whiting, from Henry Taunt Drive, Barton, is also accused of killing a person while using a vehicle without a license or registration. He has been detained in jail for the time being and will appear before a judge again on March 28 at Oxford Crown Court.

Tributes to Dr. Ling Felce:

Dr. Ling’s husband since 8 years, James, told the media, “Ling was the light of our family and we are devastated to lose her so young when she had so many dreams for herself and her children that she was beginning to realize. I am lost without her warm presence, but she will live on through the love that she has given to us and to so many others. Her whole family loved and loves her desperately, and we will always keep her in our hearts. She was the most caring and devoted mother there could be. We are all coming to terms with her death and the fact that her children will grow up without their beloved mother.” 

Associates characterized Ling as a brilliant, sociable, and upbeat person who provided happiness to a lot of people and also had a lot of ambitious goals for the future. A memorial to commemorate and honor Dr. Felce’s life will be held at The Plain on Tuesday, March 8 at 2.30 p.m., one week after her passing.

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