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E Tammy Kim a journalist facing wrath by K-pop stan.

E Tammy Kim a journalist facing wrath by K-pop stan

A journalist for ” new yorker” is facing criticism on social media from K-pop fans.

it is very common that you would find young boys and girls going crazy over Korean band BTS. Their unique outfits and no-beard boys have become a rage.

BTS has a vital place in this era of K-pop. The band is hugely popular and their fandom called them BTS army. Korean journalist E Tammy Kim is the latest victim of this army. The Journalist is a regular writer for the journalist. her article is not a criticism piece although some parts of the article have infuriated the Kpop army. which is young boys and girls from all over the world. these people are usually at an age when emotions are at an all-time high and they have a lot of time to spend on social media. Mostly her article was harmless and it only analyzed why people are in love with BTS.

The part that got this “army” agitated was how BTS became part of a UNICEF  campaign just after a member of another K group died.

She wrote, “In 2017—the same year that Kim Jonghyun, a singer in the K-pop group SHINee, died by suicide—BTS launched a campaign with UNICEF to combat violence against children and teens.” 

She mentioned a couple of instances where she criticizes the boy band. She claims their precursor wasn’t really gay friendly but current BTS are.

The usage of a late musician is also not nice per her.  But the army claims that these incidents are irrelevant and don’t matter.

Who Is E Tammy Kim?

E Tammy Kim is a freelance magazine reporter residing in Brooklyn, New York. She is a contributing opinion writer at The New York Times and her articles have appeared in news portals including The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, Columbia Journalism Review, The New York Times Magazine,  and The Nation.

E Tammy Kim

E Tammy Kim has formerly given her services on the editorial staff of The New Yorker magazine and was at the post of national features writer at Al Jazeera America.

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