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A Mother, Elaine Clarke, Left Her Disabled Daughter To Starve To Death, Jailed For 10 Years

Who Was Elaine Clarke?

Elaine Clarke is 49 years old at Garden Terrace, South Shore. She was a mother who slowly starved her Down’s Syndrome daughter Debbie Leitch to death in a filthy bedroom covered in takeaway boxes and used nappies. Elaine Clarke ‘bought herself handbags and shoes’ while daughter Debbie. 

Leitch wasted away in a dark, faces-covered room that ‘smelled of death.’ She was ordered jailed for nine years and seven months at Preston Crown Court last Thursday.

 Who Was Elaine Clarke?

Elaine Clarke is a 49-year-old woman who lives in Garden Terrace, South Shore. She was also a mother of a 24-year-old disabled girl named Debbie Leitch. Elaine is accused of murdering her disabled daughter by keeping her in an unclean room and starved to death. 

In April 2018, Debbie was admitted to the hospital suffering from Norwegian scabies – a condition associated with neglect. She was suffering to such an extent that police were initially unable to identify her sex when they found her body – weighing just 3st 10lb. Elaine received weekly benefit payments of £215 to care for her daughter.

How Elaine Murdered Her Daughter:

Elaine Clarke kept her disabled daughter in the darkroom full of dirt, smell, and dirty nappies. Clarke once cleaned up the room and put her daughter in the shower, according to the reports. Debbie screamed throughout the storm. The pain on her skin must have been excruciating. 

Debbie, who had Down’s Syndrome, weighed just 3rd 10lbs when she was found dead at the family home on August 29, 2019. She had been suffering from a severe skin infection, Norwegian scabies, which had spread to such an extent that paramedics and police attending the scene could not identify whether she was male or female.    

The doctor said that Debbie was highly emaciated with a severe rash on the scalp, the face, and the soles of the feet. The jumper and trousers worn by the deceased were filthy, and mites were found crawling on them. Urine soiled nappy was found inside her pants. A live maggot was located next to the body. Debbie’s hair was falling out due to the scabies rash. Dust covered her face entirely with the inflammation.

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