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Elvis Nyati death video leaked on Twitter, Reddit

Elvis Nyati death video leaked on Twitter, Reddit
Elvis Nyati death video leaked on Twitter, Reddit

On 6th April 2022, a video leaked and went viral. In the video, we can witness the brutality done by some south Africans to Zimbabwean men. The man’s name was Elvis Nyati. The video clearly shows that the Zimbabwean man was killed in Diep Sloot Ext 1, Johannesburg. He was first assaulted and beaten up by the people, and later the people set his body on fire. More than a million people have watched the video, and the video is very scary as it shows true incidents.

The viral video:

People were devastated as they watched the video of such brutality. Many people are also condemning the behavior of south Africans toward Zimbabweans. The victim, Elvis Nyati, was a gardener living in South Africa. 

The victim was beaten up pretty brutally by some South Africans. Elvis Nyati was screaming for help and asked them to stop, but no one listened. After that, they threw some flammable substance at him. Nyati’s family is devastated by this news and is still moping. 

Nyati was 43 years old and was living in South Africa without a passport. Elvis’ wife stated that some people came to their home and asked for his passport, but they started beating him up when Elvis couldn’t give them the passport. They also beat him with rods, threw stones at him, and set him on fire. 

The police are looking for the suspects involved in that brutal killing. The video is very viral on social media. People are outraged by the incident. Users on a large scale are pouring tributes to the victim on Reddit and Twitter. 

The victim was dear to his family and will always be missed by them as an amazing person. I hope the suspects are punished badly for what they did. 

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