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Eric Philip Berger “married” to  Dan Amboyer. the gay partners post pictures on Instagram

Eric Philip Berger "married" to  Dan Amboyer. the gay partners post pictures on Instagram

Eric Philip Berger is “married” to the entertainer Dan Amboyer. Eric is a financial advisor who met Eric some time ago.

Eric Philip Berger met on Grinder  to  Dan Amboyer:

Eric Philip Berger was going through Grinder to find an intercourse partner for gay activities. He met Berger there and somehow they liked each other and then shifted to a commonplace. both of them have been doing gay acts for a long.

Berger claims the opposites do attracts but aren’t they both men. he could not see the irony of his own sentence.

Berger is a rich man at age 42. he is a vice president at the Swiss bank UBS in New York, a rich old man finding a gay partner sounds normal. He has been giving services to international financial services business and to a younger man.

Amboyer always hid the fact that he liked to have intercourse with men but when the actor was proposed to by another man he felt no shame and came out openly.

Eric Philip Berger’s education and status:

Berger is a powerful person and a member of the Founder’s Council of the University of California, Los Angeles’s law school’s research and policy institute, the Williams Institute.

Eric Philip Berger "married" to  Dan Amboyer. the gay partners post pictures on Instagram

The department as you can assume for the LGBTQI movement,

He studied English and finance at the University of Florida and later got his MBA done from New York University. he had a master’s degree in politics from New York University.

Berger’s parents were J. Susan Arant Berger and Philip Y. Berger. 

Grinder bought these gay intercourse partners together. Dan being a powerful man did not want his image to be shattered and he avoid eric for some time but thirst can bring many people together. When they met each other for the first time their sexual desires increased and they wanted to continue it for much longer. 

After that, they lived together for 9 years and finally, Eric took his partner to a mountain and gave him a ring to make it look romantic.

Eric and Dan married in a church which is weird. why would you marry in a church when you don’t believe in its holy book?

they invited only their extremely close ones. they also arranged a house party.

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