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Erica Crosby Murder | What led to Erica Crosby’s brutal murder and where is her killer now?

Erica Crosby Murder
Erica Crosby Murder

Erica Crosby’s case is a mysterious one. She was previously seen with her then-husband on December 30, 2014, although she was not declared missing for another week after that. Strangely, Erica’s relatives stated that they had communicated with her by texting for a duration of time, despite the fact that the texts did not appear to be from the absent victim. ‘Caught in the Net: One Last Post,’ a documentary on Investigative Channel, examines the terrifying episode and explains how Erica’s corpse was eventually discovered two months after she was murdered. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual case and figure out where Erica’s murderer is right now.

Who was Erica Crosby and how did she die?

Erica Crosby was an extremely successful mother of two, who aspired to reach further success in her life. Erica was beloved by her nearest and dearest for being diligent but compassionate and welcoming. She was a mom of two and lived in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, with her spouse and kids before her death. Her three-month-old baby was together with her spouse, as per sources, while her older daughter, aged seven, was from a past marriage. Erica was last seen healthy on December 30, 2014, while she headed out together with her spouse to celebrate his birthday. Erica was declared missing on January 7, 2015, but that would still take many weeks for the authorities to find her corpse. Erica’s remains were found behind a stack of twigs and plants in Sykesville, Maryland, on March 17, 2015, just over two months after she vanished. A post-mortem report later revealed that strangulation was the reason for her demise.

Who murdered Erica Crosby?

Erica and her spouse, Kyle Crosby, had been having marital problems since before the homicide, per the documentary. After several accusations of domestic violence incidents, the officers frequently visited their home, and it appeared that Erica was preparing to leave Kyle. Erica then vanished without a trace. When Erica’s 7-year-old daughter was failed to get picked up from school by Kyle after her missing, the authorities were forced to conduct a routine check. Kyle Crosby was found with their three-month-old infant when cops arrived at his residence. When the authorities realized Kyle was not caring for the infant, they attempted to arrest him for child neglect. Despite the fact that Kyle was already on the run at the time, cops were able to apprehend him soon after. Authorities then began looking for Erica’s corpse and used the Geolocation data from the automobile Kyle was operating, eventually finding it. They also discovered masking tape, a shovel, and a bag of concrete in Kyle’s car, indicating that he was attempting to conceal a corpse. As a result, the officers arrested Kyle with homicide based on solid evidence that he had been to the location where the victim’s corpse was concealed. Kyle got convicted to 31 years in jail in 2016 and is still detained at the New Jersey State Prison, with an October 2038 parole date.

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