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Eva Kaili Is Removed From The Office By The European Lawmakers Due To Qatar Scandal

Eva Kaili
Image credit- CNBC

As a result of the Qatar scandal, European lawmakers forced Eva Kaili to resign from her position. Eva Kaili, a Greek politician, has lost her post as vice president of the European Parliament. She is accused of taking kickbacks from Qatari officials.

Tuesday saw the removal of Eva Kaili from her role as the European Parliament’s vice president by an enormous margin. 625 MEPs supported the move to end her mandate early; one abstained, and two cast no votes. She could no longer be one of the 14 vice presidents of the body without a two-thirds vote.

Eva Kaili: Who Is She?

Due to claims that she was a member of a group taking bribes from Qatar, the 44-year-old Greek Social Democrat was detained in Belgium on Friday.

European Union Is Shook By Corruption Scandal

Kaili has already been placed on administrative leave and is being held by law enforcement. The particular criminal allegations brought against her are expected to be revealed on Wednesday, according to Belgian officials.

The Greek lawmaker and her three suspected accomplices are charged with collecting expensive presents and sizable sums of money from Qatari operatives.

Several European legislators have demanded Kaili’s resignation. The co-chair of the Left party in the European Parliament, Manon Aubry, told Reuters that it was “the least we could expect of her given the enormity of the corruption scandal.”

What Effect Does It Have On Parliament?

The issue has severely damaged the European Parliament’s reputation. The group is the only institution inside the EU whose members are chosen by popular vote in each of the 27 member states.

The Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group in the assembly, the second-largest group in the 705-member parliament that unites left-leaning parties from across the bloc, has also been shaken by it.

Germany was among the EU governments to claim that the credibility of the 27-nation union was in jeopardy.

Eva Kaili

Image credit- ABC NEWS

Green Party MEP Erik Marquardt told DW that “this harm cannot be rectified” when asked if the European Parliament could fix the issue.

“It’s very simple to betray confidence, and even harder to earn it back. And now I believe we cannot ask for the public’s faith; all we need to do is our homework “He continued, saying that it was time to assess which regulations needed to be improved and applied more effectively to avoid similar problems in the future.

Eva Kaili Partner

Eva has a husband. Her associate is Francesco Giorgi. Francesco Giorgi, a staff member in the office of an Italian MEP from the European Socialists group, is married to Kaili. They started dating in 2020, and they just got hitched. They are parents to a two-year-old daughter.


1. What is the net worth Eva Kaili?
A. $2 Million

2. Who is Eva Kaili ?
A. She is a Greek politician and worked under European Parliament.

3. What is her Place of birth?
A. Greece

4. How old is Eva Kaili ?
A. 44  years old

5. What is her height?
A. 1.67 m

6. What is her nationality?
A. Greek

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