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Who was Fethullah Gulen Oldu, and what was his cause of death?

Fethullah Gulen Oldu

Who was Fethullah Gulen Oldu, and what was his cause of death? Reports claim that Fetullah Gulen is no longer with us on this planet as his purest soul has been departed to his god. Fetullah Gulen was the leader of FETO group. His death news first came on Twitter when a group of editors in the US posted this news. People are taking over the social media platforms to show their grief and pain due to the demise of Fetullah Gulen.

Many questions are being asked on the internet regarding his passing. People also want to know if there is any cause of death published on the web or not. To find out the answers to your queries, kindly look at the sections of this writing that are placed downward to this paragraph; kindly scroll down the screens of your devices.

Fetullah Gulen’s successor and son-in-law named Cevdet Turkyolu, took over his Twitter account to express his grief and confirm the news of Fetullah’s demise. He shared his condolences through his tweets, but after a short time, he deleted his tweets from the platform that raised many questions among the people that Fetullah Gulen’s heir is yet to answer. Kindly look at the further paragraph to know if any cause of death has been shared or not.

According to the sources, the cause of his demise has not been come out yet, which means his demise is still a mystery for all of us, but we will replace you with the latest information as it comes out in the forthcoming period. He was an Islamic scholar from Turkey and a preacher who also led the Gulen movement, a civil society organization. To learn the details of his age and date of birth, kindly read down the last section of this article.

As he was the renowned preacher, scholar, and author from Turkey, a Wikipedia page exists of his name, and according to his Wiki details, he was born on 27th April 1941 and died after living 80 years of his age. According to the data, he was a resident of Pasinier, Erzurum, Turkey.

And he was welcomed by his parents, Ramiz Gulen and Refla Gulen. Fetullah Gulen’s father was an imam, and his mother taught the Quran in their hometown. Kindly keep visiting our web page for further development of this headline.

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