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Five Germans Are Accused Of Planning A Putsch And Kidnapping The Health Minister Karl Lauterbach

Karl Lauterbach
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According to prosecutors, five Germans have been charged with treason in connection with a far-right plot to overthrow the government that included ideas to kidnap the health minister Karl Lauterbach.

What Happened To Karl Lauterbach?

Four men and a woman were recently detained in connection with the scheme, and German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who has been criticised by far-right organisations for his anti-Covid policies, acknowledged that he was a target.

According to the federal prosecutor’s office, they were accused on January 16 with offences such as creating a domestic terrorist organisation, planning a traitorous act, and breaking regulations governing the possession of firearms.

Karl Lauterbach

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What Does The Report Says?

In a statement, the group said that its goal was to “create the overthrow of the government and parliamentary democracy” in Germany by “triggering civil war-like conditions in Germany by means of violence.”

The report also stated that the accused were aware that the attempted overthrow might result in fatalities.

It said that the woman charged, who was only known as Elisabeth R., “formed” the group’s philosophy, which was based on the idea that the current German state lacked legitimacy.

“Military, Executive Arms”

In order to prepare the coup, the five individuals divided themselves into “military” and “administrative” arms, according to the prosecution.

The plot called for abducting Lauterbach and, if necessary, killing his bodyguards before causing a “long-lasting, widespread blackout by damaging or destroying major power supply facilities.”

Prosecutors said that when the administration was openly removed, a special assembly would be held in Berlin to choose a new leader. They had used the messaging service Telegram to request assistance.

Sven B., one of the defendants, was assigned the task of organising Lauterbach’s kidnapping, while Thomas O. allegedly conducted reconnaissance for the purposes of planning blackouts and obtaining maps of the electrical grid.

Five Germans are accused of planning a putsch and kidnapping the health minister.

In addition, the two men attempted to obtain explosives that they intended to import from the former Yugoslavia. Thomas O. was detained after obtaining an assault warrant.


1. Who is Karl Lauterbach?

A. He is the Health Minister of German

2. What is his profession?

A. Health Minister

3. What was Karl Lauterbach Nationality?

A. Germany

4. How old is Lauterbach?

A. 59 years old

5. What happened to Karl Lauterbach?

A. He was about to get abducted by five Germans

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