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Frank Mccutcheon was found dead

Frank Mccutcheon was found dead

Frank Mccutcheon’s Murder

The murder of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon in July 2016 stunned the residential community of Tree Top Drive in the Country of Buncombe, North Carolina. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was found murdered in his home while his wife, Brenda, was on the phone dialing 911. But, according to officials who delved deeper, it appears that all fingers are pointing at Brenda for the so-called name. So now, a closer look at what happens to Brenda after she receives the docs revealing the cause of Buddy’s death.

Frank Mccutcheon’s life

Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was born in the Arkansas city of Little Rock and received his medical degree at the University of Arkansas. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon finished his internships in two different cities after graduating in 1978. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon, a cosmetic surgeon in Asheville, North Carolina, and his wife, Brenda, both survived.

Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was not just a cosmetic surgeon, but he was also a talented musician who enjoyed playing a variety of instruments. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon died at the age of 64. He was also deeply loyal to his family and worried about the Civil War and America’s past.

Buddy was killed in what way and by whom?

Benda, Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon’s wife, heard a loud crash in the basement of her Buncombe County home around 3:30 a.m. and went downstairs to look. Buddy was napping on his sofa in the living room at the time, while Brenda was napping in her bedroom upstairs. She instantly contacted 911 after discovering her spouse had been shot in the head. A minute later, an ambulance arrived and spotted Buddy inside it.

Frank Mccutcheon

Buddy was slain by the artillery that was lying in the Yard’s rows of ivy. So this is all going on behind the scenes of Buddy’s death; after all, who killed Buddy?

Brenda stated that after calling 911, the rear door was opened because Buddy had not been turned off. She assured Buddy that the prowler had stepped in and blown over his head. However, there is no formal, well-proven proof that Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was murdered.

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