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What Is Fredrick Chulu Background, and Why Has He Been Arrested? Prince Fredrick is facing charges related to a video he posted on Facebook.

Fredrick Chulu

Fredrick Chulu, 30, was arrested and accused of making discriminatory statements three times. You may discover more about Chulu in the article below. Frederick Chulu, a Lusaka resident from Hellen Kaunda recently made headlines after being detained. On May 12, 2022, and May 13, 2022, Chulu appeared in three separate videos on Facebook at an unknown time and location in Lusaka. In the tape, he is seen using foul language.

He was also operating in such a way that he could easily persuade anyone to break the public consensus or conduct an infraction against them. On Facebook and TikTok, the video is presently going viral.

What was the reason behind Fredrick Chulu & detention?

Fredrick Chulu was charged and convicted with three counts of making derogatory public statements. He was accused of violating Zambian Laws, Section 179, Chapter 87, for using insulting words. According to police spokeswoman Rae Hamoonga, Chulu is alleged to have appeared in additional tapes spewing expletives.

As a result of this, he was arrested, and his videos have gained a lot of attention on social media. Chulu was arrested and is now in police custody, according to sources, with intentions to appear in court shortly. As a consequence, there will be more information accessible soon.

Fredrick Chulu Age

About Fedrick Chulu and his family

Fredrick Chulu is a thirty-year-old man. He is from the Hellen Kaunda district of Lusaka. As a result of his arrest, Chulu has just lately gained notoriety. As a result, details about his personal and professional lives are still being looked at. His name is reported to be Chulu, and he also goes by the moniker Prince Fredrick. Chulu is well recognized for posting his news and popular videos on Facebook and TikTok.

Simon Mwewa Lane Television recently interviewed Mr. Lee, Prince Fredrick's supervisor. During the encounter, Mr. Mwewa appeared to say something prophetic. He told Prince Fredrick that he would be in danger if he continued to mistreat people on social media. About a month later, Lusaka police arrested and detained Chulu on three charges of using abusive words in violation of Zambian statutes, Section 179 Chapter 87.

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