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Freedom convoy leader Tamara lich was sent to jail for violating bail conditions:

Freedom convoy leader Tamara lich was sent to jail for violating bail conditions

Lich informed her representative that she will be carried to Ontario in the upcoming week. Freedom conoy leader Tamara lich has been apprehended again. She is accused of violating her bail conditions. She has been sent to jail in Medicine Hat, Alta. according to one of her attorneys.

Her lawyers have briefed the media that she is arrested. Kith Wilson represents Tamara’s non-criminal cases including a lawsuit. Wilson had an interaction with the arrested leader. She will be back in Ottawa i the next week. Eric Granger, who is one of her lawyers has confirmed her arrest. Granger said her client is innocent and” looking to learn more at this stage.”

Lawyers are helping Tamara lich:

The government and police have used a special situation act to put her behind bars.

“Based on everything we knew, she’s been diligently complying with all of her bail conditions as was noted by the judge at her recent bail review.

While it is not clear what laws she has violated but government and police are harsh over her accepting the award.

She might go to jail over a Facebook photo she shared. she was ordered to not meet a person and she can be seen with the same person.

Warrant valid for entire Canada.

lich is accused of mischief, counseling intimidation, and intimidation by blocking, counseling mischief, obstructing police, counseling to obstruct police, and obstructing one or more highways for her role as one of the organizers of the protest. Tamara lich was the reason entire Canada was blocked.

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