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Australian Cardinal George Pell Dies At The Age Of 81 In Rome 

George Pell
Image credit- American magazine

Cardinal George Pell, an Australian, passed away on Tuesday night as a result of complications from a hip operation. Age-wise, he was 81. Since February 2019, he had served as the Secretariat for the Economy’s prefect emeritus.

Who Was George Pell?

Australian Around nine o’clock on Tuesday night in Rome, Cardinal George Pell, prefect emeritus of the Secretariat for the Economy, passed away. Age-wise, he was 81. He had recently participated in the funeral service for Benedict XVI in St. Peter’s Square.

George Pell Cause Of Death

Two years after his trial in Australia for allegedly abusing minors in the 1990s, Cardinal Pell, who had long-standing cardiac issues and had been fitted with a pacemaker since 2010, returned to Rome in 2020. The Cardinal passed away as a result of heart problems that developed after a well scheduled hip procedure.

What Happened To George Pell?

The Cardinal was sent back to his country in June 2017 after being placed on detention pending trial. He was given a leave of absence by Pope Francis so that he may present his defence. The Cardinal’s bail was revoked after his indictment in December 2018 by the County Court of the State of Victoria, which made the arrest order following a protracted legal proceeding.

George Pell

Image credit- macra

Given the numerous formal errors in the trial procedures cited by Judge Mark Weinberg, the Supreme Court of Australia accepted the appeal request submitted by Pell’s attorneys after Pell was sentenced in March 2019 to a six-year prison term.

In the end, a High Court decision in April 2020 entirely exonerated the Cardinal. The Holy See praised the decision and stated that it had always trusted the Australian justice system in a statement.

Prison Background

From February to July 2019, Cardinal Pell was imprisoned for 404 days in two maximum security facilities—in Melbourne and Barwon.

The Cardinal described it in a memoir titled “Prison Journal,” which was released in three volumes by Ignatius Press. It was a difficult experience that included time spent in solitary confinement. Pell kept daily journals in which he recorded his interactions with other inmates, the visits and letters he received, as well as the prayers and liturgies that were a part of his imprisonment.


1. Who was George Pell?

A. He was an Australian Catholic

2. What was his Nationality?

A. Australian

3. How old was George Pell?

A. 81 years old

4. What happened to George Pell?

A. He died due to heart complications

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