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Gregory Damon: After Dragging A Woman To Jail, A Tampa Police Officer Loses His Job

Gregory Damon
Image credit- Medico topics

Gregory Damon, a Tampa police officer, has been fired after being accused of dragging a handcuffed woman into a booking area at a local jail, according to officials. Let’s examine the incident in more detail.

Police From Tampa Including Damon Were Called To The Scene

On Tuesday, the Tampa Police Department fired one of its officers. He was shown on camera pulling a woman in handcuffs toward the booking area of the Hillsborough County jail.

Investigation revealed that during the interaction on November 17, Officer Gregory Damon violated numerous departmental regulations. The office staff alleged that the woman was sleeping outside the structure and had resisted their efforts for her to leave.

On October 19, the woman was issued a warning for trespassing on the same property. The woman was given a warning on November 17 and then taken into custody on suspicion of trespassing; Damon then drove her to the Orient Road Jail.

When Damon took the woman to the jail, she wouldn’t get out of the police SUV or go into the main booking room. After finding that he had broken departmental rules when booking a woman, a Tampa police officer was fired.

In-Body Camera Captures Interaction

Police on Tuesday made available footage from a body-worn camera that showed his interaction with the woman. He said, “I’m going to drag you out of this car.” She said, “I want you to drag me.”

Gregory Damon

Image credit- Medico topics

The Female Was Dragged Into Custody

The police officer can be seen hauling the woman from the car while holding her by the arm and yelling “search your arrestee” above the entrance to the main booking area. The woman acts rebelliously as she denigrates the officer throughout her comments. She is being dragged by the officer, who then commands her to rise. She remains in place.

Damon was pulling her in the direction of the door. Two Hillsborough County jail officers were dispatched outside to help bring the woman inside after he pressed a call button.

The Women Were Accused Of Trespassing

Although the woman’s identity was withheld from the news report on the incident, jail booking records indicate that she is 46 years old. Her address is given as a homeless assistance centre in Tampa.

Police highlighted in a news release that in addition to the woman’s profane and filthy statements directed at the officer, Damon also treated her badly. He broke norms governing public decorum as well as other policies.


1. Who is Gregory Damon?

A. A police officer

2. What is his Nationality?


3. How old is Gregory Damon?

A. Not known

4. What happened to Gregory Damon?

A. He got Fired from the job

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