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Harjinder Butoy: APost Office worker, disintegrated himself after being accused in the wrong manner for a charge of stealing £ 200K

Harjinder Butoy
Harjinder Butoy

Harjinder Butoy said with a sad voice that he got disappointed and still remembers the doorbell ringing when he was arrested for the crime he hadn’t done. He explained by saying, “I always speak, that I got three years and three months, but now it simply sounds as I might be imprisoned to 14 years in the wall of the prison, but I need to clear out my name.”

Who is Harjinder Butoy, who has been charged?

According to the report, Mr. Harjinder Butoy and his wife have been owners of the post office, which has been in the Sutton-in-Ashfield market in town Nottinghamshire, for about five years. They invested a lot of money and time for efficient transformation in the existing business model and haven’t tried to do any fraud work whenever they look at auditors coming to audit the accounts. It is said that they were completing an audit work of one of the books last week without any issues.

Why was Harjinder Butoy charged?

Mr. Harjinder was jailed for the cause of stealing £ 208,000. It was about the last five years to reverse the decision in the High Court. But he hasn’t found his sadness, and depression is over with this. He told a news channel that many people told him that his name was deleted and now he should be ok, but he is not fine with this; he wants justice.

It was decided to hear evidence on February 14 of cases like Harjinder Buttony. These crimes are looked at as mostly happened violations of the history of British legacy, and finally, it is being settled in the court. The investigation of this might be ending toward the end of this year. It must be known whether the software engineer, the post office, and various stakeholders are aware of the flaws in the system or not by the help of every data available in the court to summon the lower category postmaster.

The software Horizon was firstly introduced for the use of post office network in 1999, which is a system designed by one of the companies of Japan Fujitsu, whose main use is for trading, accounting and various other stock accounting work. After joining the job, Mr Harjinder caught this problem with the Horizon software in the initial week. One time he observed he was £ 500 even after that manager appreciated him that he had done his job role outstandingly, but he knows the fact, and according to him, many things keep on going sadly.

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