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Hiring of Temporary Workers Grows 31.5% After Lock Blackout Days

The number of temporary workers hired in Brazil increased by 315 this year and already surpasses pre-pandemic levels From January to August 1,768,889 admissions were registered compared to 1344680 in the same period last year.

In relation to the first eight months of 2019 when 917321 people were temporarily hired the increase is almost double 928 according to a survey obtained by R7 in Asserttem Brazilian Association of Temporary Work

This high is expected to remain until the end of the year as the temporary vacancies offered in the last quarter are forecast to grow by 20 with Black Friday and Christmas

The pandemic period created a situation of insecurity and emergency in companies and temporary work is the best type of hiring for this scenario as it can be used as a solution by various sectors and at any level of occupation says the president.

The organization states that in the last months of the year more than 565000 temporary vacancies should be made available compared to 471300 vacancies in the same period in 2020 This is a cautious projection due to the economic insecurity that companies still face due to the pandemic of Covid19 evaluates.

With the advance of vaccination against Covid19 and the return of consumers to the streets projections are optimistic for the end of the year According to the CNC National Confederation of Commerce of Goods Services and Tourism Christmas 2021 should be the best in recent years in terms of creating temporary vacancies The organization estimates that 94200 workers will be hired in the sector to meet the seasonal increase in yearend sales.

The Alshop Shopping Tenants Brazilian Association also provides for raising the supply of temporary jobs to trade in at least 80 000 jobs between members of the organization until the end of the year In addition about one in four companies 23 plans to hire temporary workers in the last months of 2021 to help with the Christmas sales flow according to a survey released by the website.

For economist Mackenzie the rise in the number of temporary workers is a reflection of companies distrust of the steady recovery of the economy.

In addition to seasonality due to the end of the year the reopening is also happening mainly in the services sector restaurants and bars This causes a demand for nonpermanent workers to supply this seasonality explains Cordenonssi

The economist also claims that at the same time the labor law gave greater legal certainty to the hiring of temporary workers Companies had a certain learning curve in this and are betting on this hiring route avoiding hiring permanent workers as much as possible

According to him many companies such as bars restaurants and even street commerce suffered a lot during the pandemic and have no cash to bet on hiring by the CLT because the cost in case of dismissal is higher in addition to the dismissal temporary workers do not require prior notice or additional 40 of the FGTS So its a way to get back to activities without committing to high costs if the economy doesnt really pick up he says

To conquer a temporary opportunity according to Asserttem the worker needs to show what he can offer the company in terms of competence and professional experience as organizations look for responsible professionals who are committed to the business

One tip is that professionals understand what their skills are and look for a company that is in line with their profile as the contractors look for people who are available and engaged for work who are dedicated and willing to learn says the association.

Through the Asserttem website asserttemorgbr it is possible to access official temporary work agencies registered with the Ministry of Economy Other sites that advertise vacancies.

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